Next time I have to jump start this thing with a direct spark, I'll track down each one of you lazy apes and zap you but good!
― Kate O'Malley[src]

"Big Kate" O'Malley is a citizen of Rapture. She was a supervisor of the maintenance workers at the Adonis Luxury Resort and was also familiar with the mechanical infrastructure of other parts of Rapture, including Dionysus Park.


"Big Kate" was a straight-shooter who took no guff and accepted nothing less than professionalism from her subordinates. Because of this, she tended to have an ill temper towards lazy workers and sometimes negatively referred to the upper-class patrons of the Adonis Luxury Resort as "rich pricks."[1] O'Malley understood civil engineering and while reviewing Sofia Lamb's artist commune Dionysus Park, she uncovered a serious fault. She alerted Bill McDonagh of the dangerous flaw in the park's drainage system, but she was unable to stop the incident that resulted in its flooding.[2]

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