ADAM-Infused Plant

A plant infused with ADAM.

ADAM-Infused Plants are quest-specific items found only in BioShock 2. Found within the research laboratories of Fontaine Futuristics, these plants have also sprouted Hypnosis Polyps like fruit.


Fontaine Futuristics was purposefully built close to the deep-ocean trench that housed the Luminescent Biomass, the source of the Sea Slugs and, by extension, ADAM. The enigmatic Biomass environment was not just home to the sea slugs, but also to some plants. These plants can serve as both a source of food for ADAM-infused beings, and as a component in some Plasmids such as Enrage and Hypnotize.

BioShock 2Edit

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As a reaction to Sofia Lamb's Utopian Project, Gilbert Alexander has lost his mind and become horribly mutated. Subject Delta needs to collect enough of these plants to lure Alexander to the glass wall of his containment cell in order to gather a DNA sample for a Genetic Key to unlock the hidden entrance to Outer Persephone.

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