James Hollcroft Title A Capitalist’s Best Friend
Speaker James Hollcroft
Level Pauper's Drop
A Capitalist’s Best Friend
Hollcroft A Capitalists Best Friend
Transcript: Ten gallons of desalinized sea water... buck eighty-five. Fifty pounds of remnants from Fontaine's Fisheries... ten fifty. Twenty bucks and change for a gross of Sinclair's wholesale hypos... Two ounces of pure ADAM, that's forty-five dollars to Ryan... put 'em together and whaddaya get? A cool grand's worth of Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All and Rube-Maker. Placebo effect. I tell ya... it's a capitalist's best friend.

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary appears in the localization texts under the name "The Placebo Effect" and is associated with the audio file GTO_L_4Lg3_CureAll_01.
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