Grace Holloway.png Title A New Family
Speaker Grace Holloway
Level Pauper's Drop
Transcript: Empty house. Only an echo to my name now. Husband ran out. Kid vanished, and she wasn't even mine. No sir. Even my baby came from Sofia Lamb. She saw Andrew Ryan coming, knew he would lock her up for speaking out. She had to hide her little girl, little Eleanor - and she remembered I...that I was barren. She thought she could trust me with the child while she was...and I wanted her to. But I lost Eleanor...lost her only daughter, and still Doctor Lamb forgave me! That's who she is...she...she brought me a new Family. Now I'm mother to them all...

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio files GTO_L_Grac_FgveLamb_01 and GTO_L_Ryan_Rights_01.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

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