Diary 17.png Title A New Hunt
Speaker Preston E. Downs
Level Comstock Center Rooftops
Date June the 29th, 1912
A New Hunt
Transcript: Comstock came by the wagon at dawn. Man was just...he just transfixed by my trophy scalps. Asked about the white ones, there. I said, “Well, sir -- if your quarry dwells in the jungle, and beds down with the local color, why split hairs?” *Laughs* Not a chuckle out of him. Either he ain't seen a man go native, or maybe...maybe too many. Anyhow, now he's got me huntin' down this “Daisy Fitzroy.” Hope he don't expect me to stuff and mount her. *Laughs*

Location: On the stage at the outdoor stage show in Constitution Square, near the Montgomery Residence.

A New Hunt A New Hunt

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