Diary 3 Title A Reward, Deferred
Speaker Zachary Hale Comstock
Level Monument Island
Date July the 5th, 1912
A Reward, Deferred
Zachary Hale Comstock - A Reward Deferred
Transcript: It is one thing to imagine one's future, and another to see it. I have seen the seeds of fire that will prepare the Sodom Below for the coming of the Lord. But Elizabeth shall sow those seeds, not I. I will fall before the job is done...but she shall take up my mantle. The Lord is calling me home. I feel His love in every tumor, because they are the train which takes me to His station. And I go with joy, knowing that Elizabeth will take my earthly place. But the False Shepherd is coming to lead my Lamb astray. I will not board that train until she is safe from his deceptions.

Location: On a desk in the main hallway containing the Siphon.

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