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The "Little Sister" is trapped atop the Ferris Wheel!!! Can you save her… Before it's too late!?!
― A Shocking Turn of Events comic bubble[src]

A Shocking Turn of Events is the second of the three challenges from the Challenge Rooms DLC for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition and BioShock: The Collection. Set in Rapture's Grand Carnival, the player's task is to rescue a Little Sister, who is trapped at the top of a malfunctioning Ferris Wheel.

New Discoveries[]

Little Sisters in this Level

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Extended Walkthrough

A view from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Note: It is only necessary to turn the Ferris Wheel six times for the Rescuer Trophy, but one can turn it up to nine for the Electrician Trophy. This walkthrough will list all nine possible ways.


  • Turn around inside the Bathysphere and pull the Broken Bathysphere Lever three times.
  • The player will be resurrected in a Vita-Chamber inside a locked room in the foyer; leave the chamber.
  • Pick up the Shotgun, Electric Buck, two First Aid Kits and search the corpse for Potato Chips.
  • Use the Door Switch to open the door to the foyer.
  • Use the Shotgun on the sparking Door Switch to the left; the door to the Ferris Wheel room will open.
  • Head through the doorway.

Observation Lounge

  • The Little Sister that the player must rescue can be seen directly ahead at the top of the Ferris Wheel.
  • Head left through the bar; search the Trash Can for a Creme-Filled Cake, a First Aid Kit and two EVE Hypos on a table, and Old Harbinger Beer on the bar.
  • Approach the Thuggish Splicer trying to activate the elevator; she will be electrocuted for her efforts.
  • Either ride the elevator down, or jump on the nearby broken table and jump down to the balcony immediately below.
  • There are numerous supplies on this floor: several First Aid Kits, an EVE Hypo, an Inventing Supplies crate with Alcohol, Arcadia Merlot and Old Harbinger Beer.
  • If the player wishes to play Sander Cohen's Scherzo #7 on the Grand Piano, pick up Instant Piano Prodigy from the bar, but this is not necessary.
  • Head to the other end of the bar with the Slot Machines; there is money on the floor and a corpse containing a Trap Bolt.
  • Pick up the Static Discharge Combat Tonic from the edge of the balcony by the elevators, and jump down the elevator shaft.

Ferris Wheel

The grand Ferris wheel.

  • Hop down from the elevator to reach the ground floor.
  • Directly ahead is the broken Ferris Wheel Switch; pick up the Electric Buckshot in front of it and fire at the Ferris Wheel switch with the Shotgun. Use the Switch to turn the Ferris Wheel. 1/6 turns completed.
  • Doors to Rapture Records and the bathrooms will open, and a Thuggish Splicer will enter the scene.
  • Get the Splicer's attention, stand near the Switch and let him attack. The Static Discharge will cause him to be electrocuted and activate the Switch again. Use the Switch. 2/6 turns completed.
  • Turn around and enter either of the bathrooms (the dividing wall has a hole in it) for supplies including an Inventing Supplies crate with Distilled Water, a First Aid Kit, an EVE Hypo, and a Health Station.
  • A Thuggish Splicer with an electrified club will attack; lure her back to the Ferris Wheel Switch and get her to electrify it, killing herself in the process. Use the Switch. 3/6 turns completed.
  • Head left from the Switch and enter Rapture Records for an EVE Hypo, Coffee, and an Inventing Supplies crate containing Glue.
  • Leave the store and head left again; head through the big door marked "Rapture's Grand Carnival".

Grand Carnival

The entrance to the stalls of the grand carnival.

  • In the doorway is a Health Station and an Inventing Supplies crate containing a Battery.
  • Head straight ahead and pick up the First Aid Kit, EVE Hypo, and Telekinesis from the stack of bags and pillows.
  • Head right into the corridor behind the stall, and then into the freezer room.
  • Search the Inventing Supplies crate under the stairs for Alcohol and Distilled Water.
  • Grab any item with Telekinesis and set it on fire using the fire burning in the corridor.
  • Using the burning object to melt the ice hanging from the ceiling and below the floor grating to free a round of Electric Buckshot, an Automatic Hack Tool, and Bandages. Use Telekinesis to retrieve the latter two items from under the grating.
  • There are First Aid Kits trapped in ice around the room, melt these if necessary.
  • Leave the room and enter the opposite stall with the teddy bears.
  • Search the Inventing Supplies crate for Glue and a Battery, and the corpse for Potato Chips.
  • Try to open the Broken Electric Safe, but be careful because the room will fill with Trap Bolts. Use Telekinesis to grab one of these wires and cause the trip wire to touch the safe, opening it to reveal a Crossbow.
  • Leave the room and carry on down the Grand Carnival, passing two stalls which feature games that can be played using Telekinesis. Pick up the balls and either knock over the cans or fire them into the barrels. By winning these games, the player will earn EVE Hypos.
  • The next stall on the left can also be played; use Telekinesis to pick up the hooks and fire them at the balloons to win First Aid Kits. Search the dead Splicer pinned to the wall to find a Trap Bolt.
  • At the end of the passage, head behind the teddy bear statue to find two corpses, a Chemical Thrower, and an Inventing Supplies crate with Distilled Water.
  • Enter Zimmermann Chardonnay. The code to the door is 1951.
  • A Thuggish Splicer will run after the player; lure her all the way back to the Ferris Wheel Switch in the main hall and get her to strike the controls. Use the Switch. 4/6 turns completed.
  • Head back to Zimmermann Chardonnay and collect the Battery from the Inventing Supplies crate.
  • Return to the main hall.

Finishing Up

  • Use the Automatic Hack Tool on the U-Invent and invent Electric Gel and another Trap Bolt.
  • Now return to the Ferris Wheel Switch.
  • Use the Electric Buck, three Trap Bolts and Electric Gel on the Switch in any order, making sure to use the Switch after each time. Turns 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 completed.
  • Collect the Little Sister.

Achievements and Trophies[]

Shocking turn rescue.jpg


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to rescue the Little Sister.

Shocking turn expert.jpg


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to rescue the Little Sister in under 4:00 minutes.

Shocking turn master.jpg


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to not only rescue the Little Sister, but to also turn the Ferris Wheel a further three times beyond the necessary six. Strategies for accomplishing this are found in the above walkthrough.

Shocking turn collect.jpg


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to find the ten Roses hidden throughout the stage. Their locations are:

  1. On top of the elevator shaft; from the uppermost level of the Ferris Wheel room, jump on top of the rising elevator as it comes up the shaft to reach the Rose. This is best accomplished when one first enters the area. If the player is trying for it later, send the elevator to the bottom floor and commit suicide. The player will respawn in the Vita-Chamber at the top of the stage, allowing them to try again.
  2. From where the player found the first Rose, hit the switch to send the elevator down. Step off at a hidden level between the third and second floors containing a corpse and the second Rose.
  3. Inside the men's bathroom, on top of a large billboard saying "Pick your Plasmid and evolve!".
  4. Behind the gate towards the back of Rapture Records.
  5. Inside the Little Sister Vent just inside the entrance to the Grand Carnival.
  6. Inside the Pneumo Tube in the freezer room; stay on the lower level and look up into the pipe to see the Rose.
  7. In the right-most barrel in the stall game where one can toss the balls into the barrels.
  8. Pop the balloon to the lower-right of the corpse in the balloon-popping game to expose the next Rose.
  9. Hanging from the light in Zimmermann Chardonnay—jump to reach it.
  10. Inside a Ferris Wheel gear; after turning the wheel seven times part of the Ferris Wheel will catch fire and expose a Rose inside one of the gears close to the Ferris Wheel Switch.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Ferris Wheel seen in this stage was originally created during the development of BioShock, and was slated to appear in Fort Frolic. However, it was cut from the main game.[1]

The base of the drawing.

  • Static Discharge appears blue in this level, like a Physical Tonic.
  • The drawing of the Pigskin Splicer model seen on the comic book cover for the challenge (designed by Robb Waters) was traced over a pre-release screenshot of the Pigskin Splicer in the Farmer's Market.
  • Like all of the Challenge Rooms, the Little Sister the player must save appears to have already been "rescued" as she bears none of the signs of being implanted with a Sea Slug.


  1. BioShock: Breaking the Mold, forward by Ken Levine