Simon Wales.png Title A Silent God
Speaker Simon Wales
Level Siren Alley
A Silent God
Transcript: Lord… what more do ye wish of me? Your wretch of a servant waits for word… I have followed the letter of the Holy Mother Lamb, though she will not tell me of the day of your return. I watched as ye smote down the false Father, Andrew Ryan -- who tempted us away from your radiant graze. But ye would not speak to me, Lord! I have built for ye this great temple and gathered your flock, yet still you are silent. Will ye not strike me poor brother blind so he may at last behold your glory, as was done to Paul on the road to Damascus? I am alone, Lord. Alone… and waiting for a sign.

Location: Hanging beside a painting of the plane crash in the entrance to Little Eden Plaza.

A Silent God

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