Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title A Stratagem for Sinclair
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Inner Persephone
A Stratagem for Sinclair
AD gNr123-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - A Stratagem for Sinclair f0260
Transcript: Need I remind you, Sinclair, that Lamb is your problem now? She is no longer a citizen of Rapture. That was the proviso -- you wanted her expertise, and now you have it. Ryan Industries is your client... and we require test candidates from among your charges. The Protectors are... short-lived. Lamb would be a messiah, correct? Well. Sell her a sacrifice to save the flock.

Location: On a desk on the lower floor of the Administration Offices.

AD gNr123-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - A Stratagem for Sinclair f0261

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary was originally meant to appear in the Siren Alley level of BioShock 2, as seen in the localization texts and association to the audio file RED_L_Ryan_RptrCtzn_01.

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