It's the Wild West down here; everybody carrying guns, shooting anyone that looks at them wrong. But there's profit to be made in the Wild West if you're sharp -- and brother, I'm a stiletto.
― Abram Weisz[src]

Abram Weisz was a citizen of Rapture. He was one of the few who prepared himself for when the Rapture Bank Crash happened. He is one of the characters from BioShock 2 who were cut during development.


After the event that triggered the beginning of Rapture's Civil War, Abram Weisz started noticing the rapid decline of Rapture's Golden Age. Unlike the majority of Rapture's populace, he had realized that the Rapture Dollar would lose its value over time. He noted the obliviousness of the citizens, after seeing robbers flee the Imago Fine Arts gallery in Dionysus Park, carrying ladies' purses.[1] As the civil war deepen, which Weisz referred to as the Wild West, he started storing up on ADAM, instead of storing away money, as saw great potential in the wonder drug.[2]

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