Poor Adelaide… she never asks why there's so little; only where daddy goes every day…
― Elise Tobet[src]

Adelaide Tobet is the Rapture-born daughter of Michael and Elise Tobet.


Adelaide Tobet was a young girl when the civil war broke out in Rapture, which caused her father to lose his job at a Bathysphere Station, after Andrew Ryan put the whole system under lock-down. Having no source of income, the family was forced to move into Apollo Square. Life grew harder for the Tobets, as food became scarce, but this didn't bother Adelaide, who was focused on where her father went every day. Unbeknownst to her, Michael went to stand outside his former job, now closed and locked-up, just so he wouldn't have to see his daughter starve. Their situation didn't get better and seeing that they could no longer afford to feed their daughter, Michael and Elise sent Adelaide to the Little Sister's Orphanage, to give her a better chance. This was especially hard of Elise, who felt shame and regret for abandoning her daughter. One day while at the locked station, Michael noticed Adelaide walking along a Big Daddy and gathering ADAM from a corpse. Michael and Elise were not aware that the orphanage was an undercover Little Sister manufacturer and that Adelaide had been turned into one, until that moment. This led both Michael and Elise to join Atlas, swearing revenge on Andrew Ryan. They began contributing in Atlas' raids which involved harvesting Little Sisters. While burning bodies of the murdered young girls, Elise noted her daughter staring at her through the flames among the dead, which caused Elise to walk into the fire, committing suicide. If Elise actually saw Adelaide or just hallucinated is unknown.[1]


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