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Affordable Endings Sign
Medical Pavilion Blocked

The sign near the blocked off entrance to the rest of Medical Pavilion.

Haven't You Already Paid Enough?
― Affordable Endings Advertisement[src]

The Affordable Endings Funeral Home was a mortuary in the Medical Pavilion. Along with the Twilight Fields Funeral Homes, and Eternal Flame Crematorium, the facility provided funeral services to the people of Rapture.


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Jack does not encounter the Affordable Endings Funeral Home during his trek through Rapture, but a sign advertising the business can be found near a blocked off corridor down the hall from the Funeral Services area of the Medical Pavilion. It's likely that the funeral home is located past this area in another section of the pavilion, but the path is blocked by a broken door and a wall of debris. Only a single First Aid Kit can be found.

BioShock 2Edit

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Advertisements for the funeral home can be seen by Subject Delta in BioShock 2. Eight years after the original game, ads for the business appear in locations like the waiting area between the Manager's Office and the Train Platform in the Atlantic Express and later on in Plaza Hedone of Siren Alley.

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