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Splicer Irritant as seen at E3 2006.

Aggressor Irritant was a Plasmid that existed in an early video of BioShock, narrated by Ken Levine, but was ultimately removed from the game before release. This Plasmid is similar in function to Enrage and Security Bullseye, but is slightly different than both. If the player used it on an enemy, it would have caused everyone in the area to attack it.[1]

Specifications (At the time)Edit

  • Use: Characters hit with the Splicer Irritant become the enemy of all Splicers.
  • EVE Cost: 20
  • Slot Bonus: None
  • Sales Pitch: Wouldn't it be nice to avoid the unpleasantness of the violence around you? Sometimes you just want someone else to do your dirty work. Splicer Irritant causes over-spliced people to lose all control over their anger centers. Splicer Irritant! Sometimes your best friend is your worst enemy.


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