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Inside an air vent.

For the vents used by Little Sisters, see Little Sister Vent.

An air vent is a conduit for circulating air throughout the cities of Rapture and Columbia. Unlike the Little Sister Vents, which only small children can fit through, it's possible for adults to go through these vents.



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An air vent seen in BioShock.

Jack can enter small square vents by firing at the grate covers with a gun or by whacking them with his wrench. Many of the air vents appear early on in the game, such as in the Medical Pavilion and in Neptune's Bounty, and typically lead to closed-off areas (such as a storage room in Medical and a blocked office in Neptune's Bounty). One other vent can be used to gain access to the areas behind the fruit stand and Milton Fine Quality Cheese stand in the Farmer's Market. Jack also follows the Little Sisters into an air vent in order to escape the Security Bots that Fontaine sends after him in Rapture Central Control.

BioShock 2 Multiplayer[]

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In BioShock 2 Multiplayer, vents can be used as alternate movement paths.

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Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

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Elizabeth can use the vents to hide from enemies and navigate to different locations. By using Peeping Tom, Elizabeth can spot where vents are.

During her return to Columbia to retrieve a Hair Sample for Yi Suchong, Elizabeth travels through an air vent in Jeremiah Fink's Factory and discovers the truth behind Daisy Fitzroy's death at her hands.

Air Vent Locations[]

↔ = The player can enter the vent from both locations

→ = The player can only enter from one location

† = There's two vent openings in one location, leading to the next location


The Rapture variation.


The Columbia variation.