Diary 1 Title All Debts Paid
Speaker Booker DeWitt
Level Finkton Proper
Date July the 7th, 1912
All Debts Paid
Booker DeWitt - All Debts Paid
Transcript: Looks like I got a friend in town after all... Slate. He's fell in with these “Vox Populi.” And for irregulars, I will say -- they are loaded for bear. Problem is, I got to help them with their damn revolution first...then we take Comstock House by storm. I do that, I get the girl.

Location: On the shelves near the basement in Chen Lin's gunsmith shop. Can only be found after you've brought back Chen Lin's tools.

VP gNr040-lNr02 Daisy Fitzroy - We've Need of a Shepherd f0598 VP gNr044-lNr06 Booker DeWitt - All Debts Paid f0607

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