Gil Alexander Title Alpha Series
Speaker Gilbert Alexander
Level Dionysus Park
Alpha Series
Gil Alexander Alpha Series
Transcript: Well, That's another Protector done and dusted. The Alpha Series... We're up to... Sigma now. The human candidates come up with Sinclair. I know their faces; we've tested hundreds of Plasmids on them. Now, of course... they are the product. I modify the diving suits with simple electronics... [and Dr. Suchong keeps them docile.] Privately, though, I find them unsettling. There's no procedure observed, no template; every man was spliced in a different way before induction. And Ryan wonders why we're having behavior problems...

Location: Removed audio diary featured on the Cult of Rapture website and found in the localization texts, associated with the audio file ABY_L_GilP_Alpha_01.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The localization texts specify that the audio diary was to be found in the Fontaine Futuristics level rather than Dionysus Park. Also, the part above in brackets is missing from the recording.
  • Even though Dr. Alexander speaks with a British accent, his incorrect pronunciation of "template" shows he has an American voice actor.