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Yes, all right, Mr. Diary -- if you must know, I do think Amir's kind of pretty, for a dog eater.
― Eleanor Lamb[src]

Amir was one of Rapture's youth and Eleanor Lamb's childhood friend. Due to his name, it seems that Amir may have been of Arab descent.


Eleanor Lamb was not allowed to interact with other children in Rapture, as her controlling mother Dr. Sofia Lamb didn't want them to be a bad influence on her, seeing them as "Dog Eaters". Eleanor, being a curious child, wanted to meet these "Dog Eaters" and snuck out against her mother's will.[1] Eleanor came across Amir while he was picking on a smaller boy and she got into a fight with him, only stopping after she gave Amir a bloody nose.[2] They eventually made up and became friends. Eleanor even developed a crush on him, but her mother did not approve of this and she installed a security system to keep Eleanor away from Amir and the other children, which didn't stop Eleanor. Amir had a book about the surface world (likely a variation of an Atlas) which Eleanor enjoyed reading.[3]

After a series of unfortunate events, Eleanor was sent to the Little Sister's Orphanage in Siren Alley where she was to become a Little Sister. The day before the procedure, she planned to run away from the orphanage, find Amir, and escape to the surface with a Bathysphere, but Eleanor didn't make it out and her fantasy never came a reality.[4]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Amir means 'prince' or 'commander' in Arabic.[5]


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