Andalusian Arms sign
BaS1 Andalusian Arms

Exterior of the Andalusian Arms.

Got some nerve showing your face around here, pal.
― Bellhop at Andalusian Arms[src]

The Andalusian Arms is a residential complex of Rapture seen in BioShock Infinite's Downloadable Content, Burial at Sea - Episode 1.


Andalusian Arms

Revelers on the upper floors.

The Andalusian Arms is located on Market Street at the end of the promenade near the elevator. The building's tenants are mostly middle to upper class citizens of Rapture. Booker DeWitt often frequented the locale during his time in Rapture. On one particular incident, he was involved in quite a stir.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

BaS1 Andalusian Bellhop

"Got some nerve showing your face around here pal."

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On December 31st of 1958, many of the Arms' residents and guests celebrated the New Year together on the balconies overlooking Market Street. Booker can stop by the complex while traveling with Elizabeth. However, he is stopped by the bellhop from heading up into the building, who states that the "house dick" (the establishment's detective) will be angry.


Behind the ScenesEdit

BaSE1 Market Street Andalusian Arms Low-Textured Citizens on Balcony

The low-textured models.

  • Citizens seen on the upper balconies are low-textured models of the beachgoing citizens seen at Battleship Bay in Columbia.
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