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This is Rapture, miss. What my customers do with my product is their business.
― Antonio Rodriguez[src]

Antonio Rodriguez is a citizen of Rapture and the owner of the store Cupid's Arrow, located in Fontaine's.


Antonio Rodriguez owned Cupid's Arrow, an up-scale erotic paraphernalia store in the Housewares building. His establishment catered to the libertine desires of Rapture's elite, and Rodriguez was quick to defend their freedom. He received some complaints from an upset woman about his sales of the Peeping Tom Plasmid. He made an Audio Diary in response, but it was never sent due to the closing of Fontaine's.[1] A woman that worked in the store, Carol Lynn, also complained about Antonio's refusal to add proper locks to work lockers after hers had been robbed.[2]

Audio DiaryEdit

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