Anya Andersdotter
Me. An assassin… that's rich. I could have gone along, I suppose. Spliced up, forgot. I believed in this place. I believed in Ryan. But when it got hard, Ryan didn't believe in Rapture, didn't believe in the Great Chain. He believed in power.
― Anya Andersdotter[src]

Anya Andersdotter was a designer of women's shoes in Rapture, single mother and a self-made assassin.



She decided to try to kill Andrew Ryan after the downfall of Rapture and Ryan's apparent descent into despotism. Andersdotter also lost a daughter to Ryan Industries to be used as one of the Little Sisters. One of her audio diaries indicates that "…my girl is… gone… worse than gone… one of those… things."[1] To aid her in her mission, Andersdotter apparently slept with a member of Ryan's maintenance team in order to gain secrets about how to break into Ryan's office in Hephaestus, eventually learning that this could be accomplished by "generating a sympathetic overload in Harmonic Core #3". She then went to Heat Loss Monitoring to find out more information on this,[2] and after she slept with Pablo Navarro, he told her how to get into Kyburz' office.[3] Unfortunately, Kyburz mistakenly believed her to be a spy sent by Ryan to "feel him out", and so he handed her over to Ryan's Splicers.[4] In the end, Andersdotter was killed and hung on Ryan's grisly "trophy wall", alongside other conspirators and would-be assassins, including Bill McDonagh.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Anya Andersdotter bears a strong resemblance to Ayn Rand,[5] whose novels were the main source of inspiration for BioShock. Not only do they share the same characteristic Bob cut, but Anya's name is an anagram of Ayn Rand's with letters added.


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