For automatic hacking in BioShock 2, see Hack Tool.
Automatic Hack Tool

The Automatic Hack Tool, as it appears in BioShock.

The Automatic Hack Tool is a single-use item in BioShock, that automatically hacks any vending machine, safe, number lock, Turret, Security Camera, or Security Bot (assuming, of course, that the machine is hackable).

Upon use, the tool is expended. Hacking is always a success, and when the hack is complete, any benefits normally gained from manual hacking are granted (such as those from Hacker's Delight Gene Tonics).

The Automatic Hack Tool can be assembled in U-Invent vending machines or very rarely found in containers. Indeed, the tool has an impromptu look about it from it's lockpick prongs to the door code tumblers to the bandaged grip. Up to five can be held in the player's inventory.


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