For the security machines of Rapture, see Security Devices.

As an addition to the Police and Military forces, Columbia features several Basic Security Automatons to help defend its districts. Like any other automaton, they can be possessed and turned against their allies with the Possession Vigor. It is also possible to bring them through Tears, in which case they will automatically fight for Booker and Elizabeth.


Barrage AutomatonEdit

Barrage Automatons are the artillery turrets, their method of firing is similar to that of a mortar round.

Gun AutomatonEdit

These turrets are capable of attacking on their own, wielded by automatons in the guise of soldiers of the Civil War. They are armed with heavy machine guns. Take cover when fighting these turrets and wait for them to cease fire before popping them with a couple of rounds or a Shock Jockey blast.

Rocket AutomatonEdit

A variant of the Gun Automaton, shooting instead rocket-propelled grenades at a lower rate. Similar tactics should be used when confronting them.


These Turrets are a variant of the Automated Turret, able to float and navigate through the air with the use of balloons. They are each armed with a Gatling gun and fire rapidly when they spot you.

Removed TypesEdit

Rocket TurretEdit

Rocket Turrets are placed strategically around the city and can be used to combat more difficult enemies, such as Security Zeppelins.


Pre-Release & Concept ArtEdit


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