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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Bathyspheres DeLuxe sign

A guitarist in front of the DeLuxe.

Luxury because you deserve it.
Advertisement for Bathyspheres DeLuxe

Bathyspheres DeLuxe is a large Bathysphere dealership located in the Housewares department of Fontaine's, visited during Burial at Sea - Episode 2. This store specialized in luxurious personal Bathyspheres created and produced by Fontaine Futuristics, and also serves as a hub for recreational businesses such as the Silver Fin Restaurant and the Manta Ray Lounge.


Dlcc magazine bathspheres
Atlas Propaganda Poster 02 DIFF

Bathyspheres DeLuxe sold bathyspheres to suit the personalities and lifestyles of wealthy citizens, from busy businessmen and their wives, to playboys and debutantes. The watercraft came in colorful, flashy designs similar to the cars of the 1950s. Many of these Bathyspheres never got to leave the showroom, as the closing of the store left the new Bathyspheres inaccessible to the department store's customers, and the shutdown or reorganization of the company and then the Civil War stopped production completely. It was managed by Kay Flannigan.[1] After the department store was changed into a prison, Atlas and his followers took up shop in this facility, but most parts ultimately got run over by Splicers.

Infinite Spoilers

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Housewares-Bathyspheres Deluxe-Entrance

Step in and sail away in your own bathysphere.

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

The DeLuxe is where the majority of the episode takes place. Elizabeth enters the DeLuxe in an attempt to find Yi Suchong and so help Atlas escape the prison. After exiting the elevator, she sees a man playing guitar and singing pro-Atlas songs outside the entrance. When she enters the main showroom, she encounters the same Big Daddy that killed her earlier. The DeLuxe has been overrun by Splicers, so it's recommended Elizabeth stay in the shadows and out of sight.


New For the 1959 Model Year sign
Private Bathyspheres

The new 1959 Bathysphere models on display.

The Showroom served as a large hub between the different sections of the DeLuxe. Before its closing, new advertisements for the next year's Lux Collection, the new bathysphere models, and brochure stands where added to the showroom. When Elizabeth walks through the entrance, she lays her eyes on the same Big Daddy that killed her, wandering aimlessly in the showroom.

The centerpiece of the area is a large glass display with the Stingray model inside, with the text "New For The 1959 Model" circling around it. Two sets of blue bathyspheres were also displayed similarly to the Stingray, only smaller, and with stairs spiraling around them. The stairs have advertisements reading; "Be The Envy of Rapture" and "Luxury Because You Deserve It" on the wall by them. The left stair leads to the Manta Ray Lounge and the Service Bay, while the right goes to the Silver Fin Restaurant and Maintenance. Test-Drive is located by the entrance, along with a Circus of Values vending machine. A pathway goes from the Silver Fin Restaurant to the Manta Ray Lounge, around the Stingray display, giving easy access between the restaurant and the club. Underneath this pathway is the Bathysphere Sales office and the Information Kiosk. On the windows by the far wall is a large sign reading "The Future of Travel," which some Splicers favor as a catwalk. Three different display windows showcasing a bathysphere's effect on the life of the Rapture Citizen. The first one shows a man giving the keys to a brand new 'sphere as a gift to his wife, reading "Give Her A Special Treat". The second has a woman looking seductively at a man and his new bathysphere, reading "She Won't Look Away". The third has a joyful blonde mermaid opening a clam, containing a red bathysphere, reading "Discover The Best In Luxury."

Future of Travel sign

When formally exiting the Silver Fin Restaurant, Elizabeth will encounter a splicer attempting to sing "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag" on "The Future of Travel" sign.

Elizabeth will find the Showroom in chaos when she returns from Columbia, with Splicers struggling against Ryan Security. The pathway from the Silver Fin to the Manta Ray has been destroyed during the assault, forcing Elizabeth to get there through different means. As Elizabeth continues toward the club, she witnesses a Houdini Splicer massacre other Splicers seeking the exit.

Silver Fin Restaurant[]

BaS2 SilverFin Entrance

The shot up entrance to the Silver Fin Restaurant.

A once luxurious restaurant that catered to Fontaine's customers, it was taken over by Dr. Yi Suchong under Ryan Industries when Tears started to appear in the restaurant due to Elizabeth arriving here when she entered Rapture. Suchong redesigned the restaurant to be fit as a lab for him and managed to create his own Lutece Device and used it to open Tears to Columbia, from which he started to collaborate with Jeremiah Fink until the department store closed.

Elizabeth ventures here in search of Suchong, but only finds the now vandalized Lutece Device. She comes up with an idea to give Atlas his prison break: obtaining a Lutece Particle from Columbia and using it to make the whole Housewares department float up from the mine-filled ocean trench, thus she needs to fix the machine. The Silver Fin Restaurant serves as a safehouse for Elizabeth while she searches for the Cathode Tube, CO₂ Scrubber, and heat sink to make the repair.

Manta Ray Lounge[]

DLCC Death Rap5282 - Kopie

The Lounge's neon sign.

The Manta Ray Lounge was once a large club for socializing, dancing, and filled to the brim with a variety of alcoholic beverages. It also housed the office of Frank Fontaine, accessible through an elevator. When Fontaine's was turned into a makeshift prison, the club became a food storage facility used by Atlas' men, who handled the distribution to the inmates. It was eventually broken into by desperate Splicers, leaving no survivors.


When Fontaine's was in business, potential customers could test drive their favored Bathysphere here before making their decision on purchasing. After the department store was turned into a prison, it got converted into a heavily protected headquarters for Atlas, as well as storage for weapons and armor, and one of the only areas not overrun by Splicers. Elizabeth must make her way here to get Old Man Winter to use as a heat sink for the Lutece Device.

Service Bay[]

Service Bay Entrance

The Service Bay entrance.

While Housewares was still operating, the Service Bay was where maintenance and repairs were carried out on Bathyspheres. After the closing, many of the Bathyspheres' ongoing repairs were left as they were in their stations, while the facility became filled with spliced-up prisoners. Elizabeth must go here to retrieve the CO₂ Scrubber for the broken Lutece Device.


Atlas Signage Handwritten Food DIFF
BaSE2 Bathyspheres DeLuxe Information Counter Deceased Ryan Security

Deceased Ryan Security agents at the Information counter.

Shoppers who had inquiries or wanted information about the shops inside the Bathyspheres DeLuxe showroom or the Department Store came to this desk window. After Fontaine's was converted into a prison, it was turned into a makeshift soup kitchen before being overrun by Splicers. Elizabeth can go here optionally, where she finds one of the Coded Messages and a locked safe. Elizabeth promptly notes the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid poster on the wall, before having her enthusiasm curved by seeing the "coming next year" text.

Bathysphere Sales Office[]

BannerSign Atlas Medicine DIFF
BaSE2 Bathyspheres DeLuxe Bathysphere Sales Office Entrance

The Bathysphere Sales Office entrance.

Potential buyers were brought into this office facility by sales spokespersons to discuss the purchase of bathyspheres, and to draw up contracts. After the Department Store's conversion to a prison, medicine and drugs were stored here, and the back office was used as an impromptu medical facility. By the time Elizabeth arrives, the doctor has been killed and the entire office has been looted. There is a broken lighthouse snow globe on a desk, which if examined, will cause Elizabeth to see the future events of an airplane crash site by a lighthouse. One of the Coded Messages and the Possess KO Mod are found in the back room.


BD Maintenance sign
The Maintenance entrance.

Fontaine's many ventilation and heating systems were maintained in these rooms. In an attempt to stop vandals from interrupting, trespassing, and doing further damage to his work within the Silver Fin Restaurant, Suchong had the vent leading to the restaurant blocked off and hidden by a cabinet. He also planted turrets within the ventilation system. Elizabeth finds a blueprint of the central heating system here from a failed burglar.

New Discoveries[]

Single Use Events[]

  • 4 Coded Messages
    • In the Information Kiosk (labeled as "Food")
    • In the Bathysphere Sales Office (labeled as "Medicine")
    • In the Employees Only area of the Test-Drive
    • In the Control Room of the Service Bay
  • Poster (triggers vision) - Outside the main entrance, on the wall to the left.
  • Snow Globe (triggers vision) - Bathysphere Sales Office, on a desk.
  • Syringe (triggers vision) - Manta Ray Lounge, Fontaine's Panic Room, on the smaller table to the right of the makeup desk.
  • Radio (triggers vision) - Service Bay, Repair Bay, inside the bathysphere on station 04.
  • Golf Club (triggers vision) - Service Bay, Changing Room, to the left of the lockers on the back wall.

New Weaponry[]

New Plasmids and Mods[]

  • Peeping Vision Mod - Service Bay
  • Peeping Cloak Mod - Manta Ray Lounge
  • Possession - Outside Bathysphere DeLuxe
    • Possess KO Mod - Bathysphere Sales Office
    • Possess Turret Mod - Service Bay
  • Old Man Winter - Test-Drive
    • Winter Forget Mod - Information Kiosk
    • Winter Mod - Silver Fin Restaurant

Coded Locks[]

  • The Silver Fin Restaurant's door - 1216
  • The Service Bay's Control Room's upper door - 7951

Audio Diaries[]

  1. Samantha Kemp - This Atlas Guy - On a desk in the reception of the Test-Drive.
  2. Morris Lauderman - Pennies on the Dollar - On a counter in the kitchen of the Silver Fin Restaurant.
  3. Yi Suchong - Imprinting Roadblocks - On a desk under drawings of Columbia, upstairs of the Silver Fin Restaurant.
  4. Felix Molloy - For All Occasions - On a round platform (used as a desk) in Atlas' Hideout of the Test-Drive.
  5. Kay Flannigan - Old Man Winter Giveaway - On a desk under a balcony in Atlas' Hideout of the Test-Drive.
  6. Emmett Wyman - Prison Intel, Dispatch #8 - In the hand of Emmett Wyman's corpse, in the Employees Only Area of the Test-Drive.
  7. Florence Baxter - Hooligans - In a sink in the locker room of the Service Bay.
  8. Sal Cantone - So Long, Suckers! - In the bathysphere, stationed on maintenance platforms #05 in the Service Bay.
  9. Andrew Ryan - Building the Impossible! - On a shelf inside the locked Control Room of the Service Bay.
  10. Johnny Demarco - C'est La Vie - By the corpse of Johnny Demarco, in the Main Lounge Reception, on the left of the counter in the Manta Ray Lounge.
  11. Samantha Kemp - Atlas Provides - In the locked Storage Area of the Manta Ray Lounge, sitting on a tray of plates.
  12. Frank Fontaine - You Stupid Bastard - Hidden inside Frank Fontaine's secret room in the Manta Ray Lounge. Only found after finding all four Coded Messages and interacting with the bottles on the shelf.


Bathysphere Display Windows[]

Luxury bathysphere C hero
BathyWindowDisplay Keys 01
BathyWindowDisplay Keys 02
By Fontaine Futuristics decal
Rapture Skyline backdrop 01 DIFF
BathyWindowDisplay2 B
Luxury bathysphere B hero
BathyWindowDisplay2 A
BathyWindowDisplay Noir 01
BathyWindowDisplay Noir 02
By Fontaine Futuristics decal
BathyClamShell MermaidTail
BathyClamShell MermaidHair
BathyClamShell Mermaid
Luxury bathysphere A hero
BathyClamShell Sign1
BathyClamShell Sign2
By Fontaine Futuristics decal


  •  Icon ps3 Icon pc If Possession is used on the man playing the guitar outside of the DeLuxe, the Plasmid will have no effect except that he will stand up and start to run. The guitar will be floating in mid-air and disappear after some time.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Bathyspheres in the showroom are similar in style to 1950s American cars. They are colorful, have Art Deco advertisements, and even have "fins" at the body's back. Most new auto models had 'fins' back then as a style.
    • The floor models used in the display windows of the showroom were designed by Kat Berkley.[3]
    • Several of the pamphlets and advertisements feature the Bathyspheres having a propeller motor on the undercarriage. This is not present on any of the vehicles undergoing maintenance and most of the ones on display. However, the motor model can be seen on the extreme right of the mermaid "Discover the Best in Luxury" display and partially visible on the "She Won't Look Away" display.
    • The miniature city at the base of the central Bathysphere display uses the same blue low-poly buildings seen in the underwater Rapture backdrop of the Market Street and High Street.
    • Elizabeth gives some Mona Vito-esque commentary on the Bathysphere models seen in the Service Bay. However, her comments do not match up with the advertisements.
      • She identifies the first round model as "The Humpback Whale...That thing is as old as the hills. Strictly bargain basement. You gotta wear an O2 tank and a mask. We won't find a scrubber on that." The pamphlets above mark the round model as the '49 Humpback and the '52 Mako. The filename for the "Luxury" advertisement depicting the model calls it the Stingray.
      • She identifies the second model with the headlight on top as "Huh, the '52 Mako. Classic. But it's a death trap. Twenty eight known fatalities related to its use. Carbon dioxide poisoning. And they're still on the market." "Steeply discounted, though." The pamphlets above mark this model as the '52 Manta Ray and the '58 Barracuda. The filename for the "Elegance" advertisement depicting the model calls it the Barracuda.
      • She identifies the elongated model as "There. The Stingray. Submersible time of 90 minutes. That's our girl." The pamphlets above mark this model as the '56 Stingray. The filename for the "Style" advertisement depicting the model calls it the Humpback.
      • A Splicer salesman mentions an additional model called the Tiger Shark.
  • After returning from Columbia, some of the ornamental lighting sconces are missing or unusable, like the one over the Silver Fin Restaurant and one in the Manta Ray Lounge.
  • When Ryan Security attacks the DeLuxe, the player can find a very strange corpse in front of the Information Kiosk. The body is that of a female Early Splicer, but the head belongs to a male Rapture Citizen.
Broken lighthouse snow globe
  • The lighthouse in the snow globe, found in the Bathysphere Sales Office, is a unique model and includes a low-poly version of the Maine Lighthouse from BioShock Infinite. However, it doesn't have proper scaled down textures and reuses the texture file from the Maine lighthouse's foundation supports for the entire model.
  • The woman seen on the "Be The Envy of Rapture" poster uses the face of the woman on the EVE Hypo advertisement from BioShock as a base with slightly different eyebrows.
  • The outstretched arms pose from the "Atlas - He's Your Pal" poster is taken from a poster commissioned for the Moral Code of the Builder of Communism set in 1961.
  • The blueprint showcases the seahorse shape of Fontaine's Department Store. In addition, the lower left corner of the texture file reads "Tear Machine - Robert/Rosalind Lutece Laboratories - Columbia". This portion is not normally seen in gameplay.