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The Beast is an enemy clad in heavy armor and armed with a Barnstormer, Hail Fire, Shotgun (only in Burial at Sea), or Volley Gun. Booker DeWitt encounters them in various places around Columbia during the course of BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite[]

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Unlike regular soldiers, Beasts are clad in thick, bulky blast armor and appropriately wield explosive weapons such as grenade or rocket launchers. The heavy blast armor greatly reduces all bullet, explosive, and Vigor damage, making them as difficult as the Fireman and the Zealot of the Lady. Beasts are additionally more bothersome than those aforementioned enemies because their helmets must be shot off before critical damage can be dealt, while headshots can be dealt to Firemen and Zealots of the Lady regardless of the state of their attire. Beasts are often found on levitating ships, firing down upon the player from an advantageous height. 

With their armored bodies, Beasts can fire RPG rounds at close quarters without taking damage. These enemies should be dispatched at a distance to facilitate avoiding rocket fire and to nail them with headshots. After their helmet is removed, strafe their rockets and aim for the head, which should quickly defeat them.

If the player chooses to use Charge against the Beasts, it may take one or more hits to take them out, depending on the damage done and how much health they currently have.

The simplest and most effective method of eliminating them is to use Possession; upon being released by the Vigor, they blow themselves up with their weapon by shooting at their feet, instantly killing themselves regardless of what difficulty the game is set to. Another way is knocking them off the city by using Undertow, though the player won't be able to loot them if they are disposed of this way. If you want to get in close quarters with them, Shock Jockey is amplified due to their armor, and multiple point blank headshots with a Shotgun or Hand Cannon will knock them down.

There are four designs of Beasts: the ones aligned with the Founders wear a heavy, unadorned helmet similar to the 19th century bulletproof helmet popularized by Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, or alternatively one in the shape of a golden lion; a single Beast loyal to Cornelius Slate that wears the same uniform as the rest of his men but wields a Barnstormer RPG; while the Vox Populi Beasts wear a mixture of Founder helmets painted red and others made in the shape of bull heads.

Vigor Effects on Beasts[]

Vigors Effectiveness
Possession (effect length) Normal
Devil's Kiss Normal
Murder of Crows (effect length) Normal
Bucking Bronco (effect length) Normal
Shock Jockey (stun effect) Normal
Charge (impact effect) 50%
Undertow (knockback effect) 50%


Rank Type Health Melee Damage Ranged Damage
3 RPG 1743 225 112
4 Volley Gun 1743 187 667
5 Volley Gun 3830 323 800
5 Hail Fire 3830 323 1201
5 RPG (Vox) 3830 323 1601

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

BioShockInfinite 2015-06-08 11-36-49-195

A Beast in Burial at Sea.

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Beasts return as an enemy type when Elizabeth is forced to venture back to Columbia. Now carrying Shotguns, their armor protects them from the Air Grabber's stealth attack, so the Tranquilizer Bolt would be the best option if confronted by one.


Concept Art[]

BioShock Infinite[]

Clash in the Clouds[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Beast Armor seems to be at least partially inspired by actual “bullet proof” armor worn during World War 1. One Vox Populi Beast Armor is very similar to the Brewster body armor used in 1917-18.[1]
  • The Beast is the only possessable Heavy Hitter enemy type that will commit suicide once the Vigor's effects wear off.