Simon Wales Title Before the Lamb III
Speaker Simon Wales
Level Siren Alley
Before the Lamb III
Wales Before the Lamb III
Transcript: Too late did the One God wake -- and saw what the Demiurge had done. The Lord then cast the worm into the sea, where it lay for thousands of years... Now, let us speak of today, my children. The Demiurge tempted Andrew Ryan, and I was his disciple -- a blind architect myself. Arrogant of my gifts, I raised this... shrine to the pride of man. Rapture.

Location: Removed audio diary featured on the Cult of Rapture website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This removed audio diary is separated into two other ones in the localization files: "The Demi-Urge Sins" relating the past and "Ryan's Disciple" describing the present. They are respectively associated with the audio files RED_L_Pchr_Rant_03 and RED_L_Pchr_Rant_04.

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