And for some reason, I'm the one in Dutch with the wife.
― Bert Unger[src]

Bert Unger is a husband and father living in the underwater city of Rapture.


Bert Unger was an employee at Fontaine's, working in the Bistro of the Housewares department (along waitress Shirley Womack) under Fontaine Futuristics, until Ryan Industries took stewardship over the business, giving Unger a new employer. The Radar Range being a fairly new product for the Rapture citizens and for the Bistro, it sparked curiosity in some, including the son of Bert Unger. Just two days before Fontaine's was converted into a prison, Unger's son took the Radar Range without permission and started using it on various items in a careless childlike way, until the family Pekingese stepped in the beam. This made Mrs. Unger furious, causing Bert to lock the Radar in the Bistro's freezer.[1] After the death of Frank Fontaine and the nationalization of his businesses, Unger likely worked in the bistro under Ryan Industries. Fontaine's was eventually closed and converted into a prison for the rest of Frank Fontaine's followers and employees, among of which was Unger. While imprisoned, Unger was riding the elevator in the Electronics department, when it crashed, causing Unger to fly out through the elevator glass on impact, killing him.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit


Unger's body by the elevator.

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Bert Unger's corpse can be found by his fatal elevator crash scene in the Electronics department, when P.I. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth arrive to find the kidnapped girl Sally. A short blood trail leads from his body to the elevator, which contains Unger's Oven of the Future Audio Diary.

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Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit


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