Rapture's citizens during the city's prime depicted in the novel.

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Rapture was a city that attracted the world's best and the brightest, or at least people who found hope in Andrew Ryan's economic philosophy. There was a vast assortment of people who came to Rapture: from artists to scientists, to engineers and athletes. Below is a list of characters who appear or are mentioned in BioShock: Rapture.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

Major Characters[edit | edit source]

Minor Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Anton Kinkaide
  • Anya Andersdotter
  • Archie, a submariner working in Neptune's Bounty.
  • Arno Deukmajian, owner of a pawnshop in Pauper's Drop.
  • Augustus Sinclair
  • Bergman, helmsman of Frank Fontaine's trawler, the Happydrift.
  • Brenda
  • Carlson Fiddle
  • Carl Wing, an inmate of Persephone who was a member of the Rapture Family.
  • Ms. Chavez, a Puerto Rican nurse working for Steinman.
  • Daniel Wales
  • Eleanor Lamb
  • Mr. Forester, a manager of the workers hired to build Rapture.
  • Frank Fontaine, previous proprietor of Fontaine Fisheries who smuggled goods from Cuba to the U.S.
  • Garcia, chief bookie at Frank Gorland's bookkeeping business.
  • Garris Fisher, an executive of Fontaine Futuristics.
  • Gilbert Alexander
  • Mr. Glidden, a patient of Sofia Lamb.
  • Gordon Shep, owner of Shep's ShopMart and a garbage collection business in Little Eden Plaza.
  • Mr. Gravenstein, owner of Gravenstein's Green Groceries in Little Eden Plaza.
  • Grogan, a constable in Rapture.
  • Harker, head constable in Rapture.
  • Harold Babcock, a Splicer living with his family in Artemis Suites.
  • Harry Brown, a manager at Seaworthy Construction.
  • Harv Merton, previous proprietor of The Clanger, a bar near the docks in New York City.
  • Jack
  • Julie Langford
  • Margie, a follower of Sofia Lamb.
  • Marianne Dellahunt
  • Martin Finnegan
  • Masha Lutz
  • Mickael Lasko, a Ukranian maintenance worker framed for smuggling in Rapture.
  • Morry, a man working for Frank Gorland's bookkeeping business.
  • Morry, a man living in Artemis Suites.
  • Naz, a Splicer bodyguard of Fontaine.
  • Neil Steele, an up-and-coming boxer in New York.
  • Pablo Navarro
  • Peach Wilkins
  • Philo, one of Atlas' followers.
  • Pierre Gobbi
  • Pinelli, a guard on Andrew Ryan's steamliner, The Olympian.
  • Prentice Mill
  • Quee, an Asian servant aboard Andrew Ryan's private jet.
  • Rizzo, head manager at the administration offices of Seaworthy Construction and member of the Rapture Central Council.
  • Rolf, a security guard at the Ryan Plasmids facility.
  • Rupert Mudge, a Splicer living in Pauper's Drop.
  • Sally Mudge, wife of Rupert Mudge.
  • Samuel Lutz
  • Silas Cobb
  • "Snort" Bianchi, a customer at The Clanger in New York City.
  • Sophie McDonagh
  • Stanley Kyburz
  • Stanley Poole
  • "Stiffy", a worker on the docks in Neptune's Bounty who was bitten by a Sea Slug.
  • Sylvia Pleasance, fiancee of Ronald Greavy.
  • Toby Griggs, a Splicer who worked as a salesman in a shop in Fort Frolic.
  • "Twitchy", a customer at The Clanger in New York City.
  • Voss, an FBI agent investigating Andrew Ryan's business operations.
  • Willy Brougham, a test subject in Suchong and Tenenbaum's experiments.

Mentioned Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Antoine, Frank Fontaine's personal cook in Rapture.
  • Bud Chinowski, manager of Chinowski's Maintenance, an engineering contracting firm.
  • Charlie Wriggles, a boxer in New York.
  • Dmetri, Pyotr Rianofski's cousin.
  • Eisley, a lawyer working for Andrew Ryan.
  • Epstein, a follower of Atlas who died during a raid.
  • "Feeben Junior", a manager at Feeben, Leiber, and Quiffe Engineering Firm.
  • Grace Holloway
  • Harley, a man working for Frank Gorland.
  • Hector Rodriguez
  • Hector, a constable.
  • Herve Manuela, a witness that Sullivan hoped would aid in the investigation of Fontaine.
  • Irving, a man who died while doing deep-sea diving work on Rapture's construction.
  • Jimmy, an associate of Sander Cohen.
  • "Johnny Topside"
  • Lance, one of the men working for Fontaine in Rapture.
  • Linosky, a constable.
  • Marie Louise Fensen, Bill McDonagh's former love interest.
  • Marjorie Dustin, a bookkeeper working for Andrew Ryan who accepted bribes from Frank Fontaine.
  • Mazy, an acquaintance of Sally Mudge.
  • McGee, a follower of Atlas who died during a raid.
  • Ming, a man living with his family in Artemis Suites.
  • Mulrooney, a bartender at The Clanger.
  • Nigel Weir
  • Pyotr Rianofski, Andrew Ryan's father.
  • Ronald Greavy, son of Ruben Greavy.
  • Roy Phinn, an employee at Chinowski's Maintenance.
  • Sammy G.
  • Sorenson, an Atlas follower.
  • Vallete, a follower of Atlas who died during a raid.
  • Vasilisa, Dmetri's wife.
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