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'''Day Five'''
'''Day Five'''
First a familiar red string appears, similar to the "Would you kindly board" outside Ryan's office.
First a familiar red string appears, similar to the "Would you kindly" board outside Ryan's office.
Ghost lights near Cadiz spotted as fast as a speedboar on the shore line, dated 5/23/67 and "Red Glow" is circled.
Ghost lights near Cadiz spotted as fast as a speedboar on the shore line, dated 5/23/67 and "Red Glow" is circled.

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Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams has been recently scheduled for release in Take-Two's fiscal year 2009 (around October). It has also been confirmed that 2K Boston will not be developing the sequel. Instead, 2K Marin will be the developing team. However, 2K Boston's Ken Levine will be involved.


The PlayStation 3 version of Bioshock contained the first teaser trailer for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. The cinematic teaser features a woman, presumably a grown up Little Sister, standing on a beach looking out to sea as she holds a small figurine resembling a Big Daddy from the first game. As the camera pans out, pillar-like structures rise from the sand and form what appears to be a city in the foreground, presumably Rapture. Finally, the BioShock 2 logo emerges covered in barnacles. A blue butterfly crawls out of a barnacle in the lower right hand corner of the logo and the subtitle "Sea of Dreams" slowly appears underneath.

A viral website called "There's Something in the Sea" was released on March 4th, 2009, giving hints and clues about Bioshock 2.

Day One

A kidnapping of a little girl in Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland, is reported in the local newspaper dated February 20, 1967. The kidnapper is reported to have "incredible speed," "wore some kind of red light" and "wears a miner's helmet."

There is also a description of a strange "toy" found on the beach. The description matches the Big Daddy toy seen in the trailer.

Day Two

Jeremiah Lynch is reported to have taken photographs of mysterious footprints on Lehnich Beach on February 17, 1967. Lynch says the product "may be of a culture entirely separate from those we know." He is regarded as an eccentric and has also previously told the local authorities of "mysterious crimson lights" under the surface of Liscannor Bay.

A photograph of the footprints is enclosed, together with a ribbon and a score down the sand. An average men's shoe is placed beside it for comparison.

A letter from Jeremiah Lynch is also enclosed to an unnamed person, dated February 9, 1967.

Day Three

On March 15, 1967, it was mentioned that a sighting of a 'red underwater flare' occurred in Felixstowe Harbor in Suffolk, England, by a ship bound for New York. This was quickly reported with a general SOS; the National Guard believed the sighting to be a hoax, with no wreckage discovered or ships reported missing and sonar could not find anything resembling a submersible vehicle in the area. A child, Mary Elizabeth Sarsfield, was also kidnapped that night at 2:30 A.M. by an unknown assailant. The unknown commentator deduces that 'whatever it's taking our children (crossed out and replaced with 'daughters').' The mention of glass-cutting tools seems to have been implemented by the kidnapper.

On February 22, 1967, Ulrike Moeller was stolen from her parents in St. Cloud, France, wherein French authorities promised to work with West Germany to uncover the abductor. The commentator deduces that everything is connected and notices that all of the little girls are physically similar to one another, with the question of "WHY?" written in the margin of a newspaper clipping.

Day Four

4/4/67 6 year old Chantal Dumas is kidnapped from her orphanage in West Flanders. The kidnapper is described as a "skinny monster with a single red glowing eye." who exited with the child through a third story building. The unknown commentator deduces that all the girls are of a similar age.

4/11/67: A newspaper reports that Camillie Dumas, aged 6 is kidnapped in La Rocchelle, France. She was in bed when the au pair walked out for a cigarette and came back to find the child missing.

The unknown commentator has pinned a note which says "Camille Dumas disappeared same night as the red lights in La Rochelle harbour."

4/11/67 a newspaper reports that mysterious red lights in the harbour causes a newly wed couple to alert the authorities, who accuse them of being drunk and influenced by the reports in England and Belgium.

A something in the sea poster is enclosed as well as a Missing Poster for Camille Dumas. The commentator has noted that she wore a pink nightgown at the time of the kidnap.

Day Five

First a familiar red string appears, similar to the "Would you kindly" board outside Ryan's office.

Ghost lights near Cadiz spotted as fast as a speedboar on the shore line, dated 5/23/67 and "Red Glow" is circled.

Small crumpled note "doesn't anyone notice the patterns." "Patterns" is circled in red.

Article dated 5/5/1967 - Boatman dodged ghost sub, the sub rocked his boat as it passed it the Douro river. The boat is a rabelo boat. Note states that it is not a sub due to the fact the red light is on in and out of the water. Makes a note that it is something in the water repeated twice.

Missing girl La Boca Spain dated 4/24/67. Elena Rodrigues missing after a break in at age 6.

4/23/1967 Red Glow alarms Spanish fisherman. Red glow seen moving toward town and boot prints spotted.

Extra Information

The teaser is now available for download in HD from the official 2K Games website.

A new variation of enemy called a 'Big Sister' might be making its way into BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, according to insider contacts for Kotaku. This was recently confirmed by a cover of Game Informer.

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