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For the 3D mobile game, see BioShock 3D (Mobile Game).

BioShock for the mobile phone is a 2D conversion of the original BioShock. The 2D version follows the plot of the original game almost exactly up until the end of the Smuggler's Hideout level.


Gameplay is much the same as the original, with the ability to explore the game world, loot items from containers, and battle various enemies using weapons, Plasmids, and Gene Tonics. Audio Diaries and hacking are also present in the game world.[1]

The player can have one save slot at a time, as well as one autosave. The game will pause if the user receives a call during gameplay.


The mobile version is only about 1/3 the length of the full PC game, and features only the first four levels.

Weapons and Ammunition[]

The mobile game contains five weapons from the original. Each ranged weapon has three different ammo types.



A console version screenshot, mirrored oddly in the Mobile game.

  • When the player enters the Lighthouse, a screenshot of the Ryan bust and banner in the entryway is shown. The screenshot was created from a badly mirrored image, so the bust has two noses and four eyes.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The player character, Jack, has a darker hair color and wears a beige vest over his sweater instead of only the sweater. His overall appearance seems to be based on how he looked like in the BioShock Launch Trailer.[2]
  • IG Fun initially planned an episodic release of the game by dividing it to several chapters due to mobile phone memory limitations. Finishing chapter one presents players with a code to be entered in later chapters (presumably for weapons and other items to be carried over), but this ultimately went unused as subsequent episodes were cancelled.
  • At least two versions of the game were developed, one a more faithful recreation of the console and PC releases for BREW via Verizon VCAST and high-end Java ME phones, and a cut-down version with less scenery and some cutscenes removed. The latter omits the plane crash, bathysphere and Andrew Ryan's speech, taking the player straight to the game. In addition, only the Welcome to Rapture level is present. Finishing the game directs players to a written advertisement enticing players to purchase the console and/or PC releases.


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