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The following are quotes from various sources seen on the help screens of BioShock 2.

Character Quotes[]

"You could hardly call me an artist, without the twinkle of Moonbeam." - Sander Cohen, Moonbeam Absinthe advertisement

"You want the best? You drink Tate. Could it be any simpler?" - Dan Tate, proprietor, Tate Wineries

"I'm a Nico Time man, always wil be. Why? They smoke good, and they don't cost half a damn." - Albert Milonakis, customer

"After exhaustive clinical trials, we have found what we can safely call the perfect food: it is a Gaynor Peach. Its nutritional balance is beyond compare, naturally, and its flavor can't be beat. Take it from Rapture's foremost botanist." - Doctor Julie Langford, excerpt from scientific study commissioned by Gaynor Produce Corporation

Print Advertisements[]

"Your day isn't complete without a taste of Red Ribbon" - Red Ribbon Brandy advertising copy

"Captain Salty, a man of the sea; the perfect potato chips, Cap'n Salty's they be!" - Salty's Chips advertising copy

"Join the club. Accept no less." - Oxford Club Cigarettes advertising copy

"Cold and clear, the unmistakable bit of McHale Gin." - McHale Gin advertising copy

"A creamy treat, fresh as can be? Thanks, mom!" - Creme-Filled Cake advertising copy

"Now with a burst of EVE!" - Pep Bar advertising copy

"Make it your signature." - Lacan Scotch advertising copy

"The occasion is right... for Chechnya." - Chechnya Vodka advertising copy

"It packs a wallop!" - Old Tom Whiskey advertising copy

"Put the PEP back in your STEP!" - Hop-Up Soda advertising copy

Radio Advertisements[]

"Bartender! Another round! And of course, make it Old Harbinger." - Excerpt, Old Harbinger Beer radio advertisement

"You're growing like a weed! Must be all those C.J. Greens!" - Excerpt, C.J. Greens radio advertisement

"Pack on in nice and tight, little fellas! Rapture's waiting for you!" - Excerpt, Fontaine Atlantic Sardines radio advertisement


"Rapture science delivers us new wonders each and every day. The patented, pneumatic-driven unbreakable pressure seal of a Glaustein Thermos keeps your beverages warm and fresh for YEARS to come!" - Article, Science And You Magazine, May 1955

"Desalinization, now in your own home! Conventient, affordable. Be an individual!" - Mendelsen & Waits Technological Advancements catalog copy

"Do you suffer, my friends, from the Plasmid Blues? Dizzy, nauseous, seeing things that aren't even there? Step right up and try Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All Elixir!" - excerpt, handbill

"Oh god, I'm seein' things!" - unknown, overheard at the Mermaid Bar, Siren Alley

"The Taste You Remember." - tagline, Beef-E Meat Product

"Watch today's little problems simply drain away!" - advertising poster, PainDrain Aspirin

"Six a day keeps the doctor away!" - advertising jingle, William Strong Vitamins