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50 Caliber Rounds.png Anti Personnel Rounds.png Armor Piercing Rounds.png Drill Fuel.png Frag Grenade Icon (Bio 2).png Proximity Mine Icon (Bio 2).png Heat-seeking Rocket Icon (Bio 2).png Remote Hack Dart.png Auto Hack Dart.png Mini Turret.png Rivet.png Trap Rivet.png Heavy Rivet.png 00 Buck.png Solid Slug.png Phosphorus Buck.png Spear Ammo.png Trap Spear Ammo.png Rocket Spear Icon (Bio 2).png Laser Cell.png Thermal Cell.png Burst Cell.png

Main article: BioShock 2 Ammunition
  • .50 Caliber Round
    • .50 Caliber Round
    • Anti-Personnel Round
    • Armor-Piercing Round
  • Drill Fuel
  • Grenade
    • Frag Grenade
    • Proximity Mine
    • Heat-seeking Rocket
  • Hack Dart
    • Remote Hack Dart
    • Auto-Hack Dart
    • Mini-Turret
  • Rivet
    • Rivet
    • Trap Rivet
    • Heavy Rivet
  • Shell
    • 00 Buck
    • Solid Slug
    • Phosphorus Buck
  • Spear
    • Spear Ammo
    • Trap Spear Ammo
    • Rocket Spear Ammo
  • Ion Cell
    • Laser Cell
    • Thermal Cell
    • Burst Cell

Audio Diaries[]

Audio Diary Icon (Bio 2).png

Main article: BioShock 2 Audio Diaries


Aspirin Icon (Bio 2).png Bandages Icon (Bio 2).png Canned Beans Icon (Bio 2).png Canned Fruit Icon (Bio 2).png Chechnya Vodka Icon (Bio 2).png Coffee Icon (Bio 2).png Creme-filled Cake Icon (Bio 2).png Dr. Hollcroft's Cure All Icon (Bio 2).png Fine Gin Icon (Bio 2).png Fresh Water Icon (Bio 2).png Hop Up Cola Icon (Bio 2).png Lacan Scotch Icon (Bio 2).png Moonbeam Absinthe Icon dark (Bio 2).png Moonshine Icon.png Old Harbinger Beer Icon (Bio 2).png Pep Bar Icon (Bio 2).png Potato Chips Icon (Bio 2).png Potted Meat Icon (Bio 2).png Sardines Icon (Bio 2).png Tate Merlot Icon (Bio 2).png Vitamins Icon (Bio 2).png

Main article: BioShock 2 Consumables

Plot Items[]

Administrator punchcard icon.png Audio Diary Icon (Bio 2).png Pump Control Key Icon (Bio 2).png Sinclair's Key Icon (Bio 2).png

Single-Use Items[]

Dollar Icon (Bio 2).png EVE Hypo Icon (Bio 2).png First Aid Kit Icon (Bio 2).png Spider Splicer Organ Icon (Bio 2).png

Other Items[]

Chewed Up Pencil Icon.png Pocket Lint Icon.png Rose Icon (Bio 2).png