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Multiplayer characters in Deco Devolution: The Art of BioShock 2.

We wanted to find a group of people that were varied and distinct from each other and had interesting silhouettes but also an interesting tie to the world of Rapture.
― Mat Trembley[src]

Rapture was a city that attracted the world's best and the brightest, or at least people who had come under the spell of Andrew Ryan's economic philosophy. There was a vast assortment of people who came to Rapture: from artists to scientists, to engineers and athletes. Rapture's society collapsed into civil war after Atlas' planned attack on the Kashmir Restaurant, and normal citizens were caught up in the struggle for control of the city and its ADAM. In BioShock 2 Multiplayer, these citizens are playable characters.

Main Characters[]

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  1. A man violently killed in an accident at a fishery, mentioned in an Audio Diary by Zigo d'Acosta.
  2. The significant other of Bernon White, mentioned in the Loading Screen Quotes.
  3. The owner of Eve's Garden, whose name is seen on the poster advertising the business.
  4. On a letter seen in the Multiplayer Apartment (the first one from the left in the source image).
  5. A doctor working in the Medical Pavilion. His name is found on a sign in the Medical Pavilion multiplayer map.