Gene Tonics are special serums made from processed ADAM that introduce modified stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and mutation, giving the user what some might call "super powers". In BioShock 2 Multiplayer, the player is able to choose from a selection of up to seventeen Tonics, and equip three of them per loadout. Even though Tonics have three classifications (combat, physical, and engineering), they can be mixed in any number from any classification up to the maximum. Rather than being purchased or found, Tonics are automatically rewarded after reaching a certain Rank.

Back Stabber Edit

Icon backstabber Effect:Hitting an enemy from behind deals more damage.
Location:Obtained at Rank 11

Big Game Hunter Edit

Icon biggamehunter Effect:The users attacks deal more damage to Big Daddies.
Location:Obtained at Rank 36

Deadly Machines Edit

Icon deadlymachines Effect:The rate of fire is increased for Turrets hacked by the user.
Location:Obtained at Rank 32

Death Trap Edit

Icon deathtrap Effect:The user's body becomes a time bomb after death.
Location:Obtained at Rank 38

EVE Saver Edit

Icon evesaver Effect:Reduces the amount of EVE used when casting Plasmids.
Location:Obtained at Rank 7

Expert Researcher Edit

Icon expertresearcher Effect:More than halves the time needed to research an enemy corpse.
Location:Obtained at Rank 3

Fast Feet Edit

Icon fastfeet Effect:The user's speed is slightly increased and their footsteps make less noise.
Location:Obtained at Rank 30

Headhunter Edit

Icon headhunter Effect:Increases the damage of headshots.
Location:Obtained at Rank 34

Leg Up Edit

Icon legup Effect:The user can charge their jumps, increasing their height.
Location:Obtained at Rank 28

Metabolic EVE Edit

Icon metaboliceve Effect:The user slowly regenerates EVE over time.
Location:Obtained at Rank 15

Repairman Edit

Icon repairman Effect:Grants the ability to repair destroyed Turrets.
Location:Obtained at Rank 22

Resurrection Edit

Icon resurrection Effect:Upon death, resurrects the user with a small portion of their health.
Location:Obtained at Rank 40

Sabotage Edit

Icon sabotage Effect:The user's attacks deal more damage to Turrets.
Location:Obtained at Rank 19

Security Evasion Edit

Icon securityevasion Effect:Decreases enemy Turret accuracy against the user.
Location:Obtained at Rank 3

Slugger Edit

Icon slugger Effect:Grants the ability to charge melee attacks.
Location:Obtained at Rank 26

Speedy Hacker Edit

Icon speedyhacker Effect:Hacking Turrets and Vending Machines takes less time.
Location:Obtained at Rank 24

Speedy Recovery Edit

Icon speedyrecovery Effect:Increases the user's health regeneration rate.
Location:Obtained at Rank 7
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