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A standard Plasmid container.

Plasmids are special serums made from processed ADAM, that introduce modified stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and mutation, giving the user what some might call "super powers". Unlike his later successors, Subject Delta is open to genetic alteration, allowing him the use of Plasmids. He is able to wield Plasmids and weapons simultaneously. Up to eight Plasmid slots are available, with three slots already available to the player from the start. Upgrading a Plasmid to the next level also unlocks an alternate method of use for that particular Plasmid. Plasmids available will each have a unique upgrade tree, and most can be upgraded twice. While several Plasmids can be found in the environment, most will have to be purchased from a Gatherer's Garden at a cost in ADAM. Plasmid bottles in BioShock 2 glow a bright red color.

Main Game[]

Cyclone Trap[]

Effect: Spawns mini-tornado traps (which can be made into Plasmid Traps) that fling Splicers into the air.
Location: First available for purchase at the Gatherer's Garden in Pauper's Drop.
Price: 60, 100, 140


Target Dummyi
Effect: Spawns a hologram that distracts enemies away from the player.
Location: First available for purchase at the Gatherer's Garden in Pauper's Drop.
Price: 60, 100, 120

Electro Bolt[]

Effect: Sends charged currents of electricity to stun enemies and electrify water.
Location: Found at a Gatherer's Garden in Adonis Luxury Resort.
Price: N/A, 120, 225


Effect: Causes the target to attack any nearby enemies.
Location: Found in the lower level of the Limbo Room in Pauper's Drop.
Price: 60, 120, 160


Effect: Ignites enemies and objects in a radius. Fire spreads rapidly.
Location: Bought at a Gatherer's Garden in Hall of the Future in Ryan Amusements.
Price: 90, 120, 200

Insect Swarm[]

Effect: Spawns a swarm of bees that continuously attack and distract nearby enemies.
Location: First available for purchase at the Gatherer's Garden in Siren Alley.
Price: 60, 100, 130


Scout Icon (True)
Effect: Allows the user to project a "ghost" form from their body which they can control.
Location: First available for purchase at the Gatherer's Garden in Siren Alley.
Price: 40, 60

Security Command[]

Security Bullseyei
Effect: Tags an enemy causing all nearby Security Devices to target it.
Location: First available as a gift from Eleanor Lamb in Siren Alley. May be purchased later at a Gatherer's Garden.
Price: 30, 75, 100


Effect: Pulls the targeted enemy or object towards the user and allows it to be thrown.
Location: A gift from Eleanor in the Jet-Postal station in the Atlantic Express.
Price: N/A, 100, 250

Winter Blast[]

Effect: Temporarily freezes the target, allowing them to be shattered.
Location: First available for purchase at a Gatherer's Garden in Ryan Amusements.
Price: 60, 100, 200

Summon Eleanor[]

Summon Eleanor Icon
Effect: Temporarily summons Eleanor Lamb to battle alongside the player.
Location: Given to the player by Eleanor in Outer Persephone.
Price: N/A
Note: Upon obtaining this Plasmid, a Plasmid Slot will be opened up automatically at no cost to the player, granted the player has not purchased all slots prior. Obtaining this Plasmid after acquiring all other Plasmids will grant the player the "All Plasmids" achievement / trophy.

Minerva's Den[]

Gravity Well[]

Gravity Well Icon (True)
Effect: Creates a gravitational singularity pulling in nearby objects, corpses and enemies and dealing them high levels of damage.
Location: On the desk in the managers Office of the Air-Tite Archives warehouse.
Price: N/A, 80, 100

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