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For the 2D mobile game, see BioShock 2D (Mobile Game).

BioShock 3D is a port of the original BioShock for mobile phones. The 3D version follows the plot of BioShock almost exactly up until the end of the Smuggler's Hideout level.


Gameplay is much the same as the original, with the ability to explore the game world, loot items from containers, and battle various enemies using weapons, Plasmids, and Gene Tonics. Due to the limitations of mobile phone graphics, enemies will only appear one at a time to attack the player. The sound effects in the game are much the same, although there is no background music in the mobile version.[1]

The player can have one save slot at a time as well as one autosave. The game will pause if the user receives a call during gameplay.


BioShock 3D features the first four levels of the full PC game. After the first level, subsequent levels have to be downloaded individually.

Weapons and Ammunition[]

The mobile game contains five weapons from the original. Of these, only the Pistol, Machine Gun, and Shotgun have three different ammo types.


Player Controls
Ammo Inventory Left
Move Forward 2
Turn Left 4
Turn Right 6
Move Backward 8
Attack 5
Strafe Left 7
Strafe Right 9
Plasmid toggle 1
Weapon toggle 3
Use/Pick Objects 0
Reload Weapon/Refill EVE Left Soft Key
Refill Health Right Soft Key
Access Pause Menu Clear
Hacking Controls
Move up 2
Move down 8
Move left 4
Move right 6
Reveal tile 5
Increase flow speed OK


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The models seen in the gallery above were made by Nitin Dhamse.[2]
  • A second set of levels was developed for BioShock 3D but never released.[3]
  • Arcadia was explicitly cut from BioShock 3D's planned levels. This was due to the development time allotted and from that, agreeing that Arcadia did not have a significant impact on the main storyline.[4]


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