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Jack security

Jack, the protagonist of BioShock.

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Rapture was a city that attracted the world's best and brightest, or at least people who had come under the spell of Andrew Ryan's economic philosophy. There was a vast assortment of people who came to Rapture: from artists to scientists, to engineers and athletes. Below is a list of characters who appear or are mentioned in BioShock.

Main Characters[]

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

Mentioned Characters[]

Removed Characters[]

  • Captain Cal Franklin[28]


  1. Yi Suchong's Audio Diary: Protection Bond
  2. The lieutenant on board the submarine at the wreckage of Apollo Air Flight DF-0301, seen during BioShock's bad ending. Lt. Smith is the man searching through the floating debris with a stick.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Gravestone in Arcadia reads "John Maynard Keynes, beloved son of Adam & Ada Smith".
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  8. Eroded name plate over a doorway in Mercury Suites reads "C Beauchamp".
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  10. Ducky Splicer: "Mr. Coswell?"
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  12. Died April 14, 1942. Daughter of Horace and Jennifer Farthingworth. Her name is found on the head stones in the Tea Garden (Date of death contradicts the creation of Rapture unless her grave was moved to the city after its construction).
  13. Lady Smith Splicer: "Hm, my nerves must be shut. Florida, make me a hot toddy."
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  15. The owner of Eve's Garden, whose name is seen on the poster advertising the business.
  16. The father of Faith Farthingworth. Name is found on a head stones in the Tea Garden
  17. A Fontaine Futuristics employee who performed an inspection on a circuitry board in Andrew Ryan's office in Rapture Central Control.
  18. The mother of Faith Farthingworth. Name is found on a head stones in the Tea Garden
  19. vo_babyjane_ground Baby Jane Splicer: "Oh Joe!"
  20. Pigskin Splicers: "Hey, come on— come on… Joey's gone, alright? You— you could come out, now."
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  24. A doctor working in the Medical Pavilion. His name is found on a sign, south of the Enwell Life and Health Group.
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  26. vo_drgrosman_exitcurious Dr. Grossman Splicer: "Mrs. Siegler, turns out there was nothing there! Who would have thought!"
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  28. Vo_0_Planedive in streams_0_audio.fsb Captain of the Apollo Air Flight DF-0301. He was killed in the plane crash while attempting to pull up the plane. He was heard in removed audio.