A free demo for BioShock was released on Xbox Live Marketplace on August 12, 2007.[1] The PC demo was officially released at exactly 7 PM EST on Monday, August 20. The official version of the PC demo is available for download from both FileFront[2] and FilePlanet,[3] and is also made available through the digital distribution program Steam.[4] Later in 2008, a demo was released on the PlayStation store, prior to it becoming available on the PS3. No obvious changes or edits to the PS3 version are known.


The demo contains the first 45 or so minutes of the game and includes the beginning cinematic that establishes the setting and plot. The demo showcases the level Welcome to Rapture, albeit with a few tweaks to the level design. The demo also introduced a few weapons, such as the Pistol and the Machine Gun, along with now-familiar Plasmids such as Electro Bolt and Incinerate!; some of these were added in the demo in order to give players a taste of the full game without actually playing too much of it. The first two Audio Diaries of the game are also present. The demo only offers the Easy and Normal difficulty settings, and ends as the player waits for Atlas to override the bulkhead entering the Medical Pavilion. It should be noted that certain bugs are present in the demo that do not appear in the game. For instance, pausing during Andrew Ryan's speech during the bathysphere descent will not cause the music to pause; instead the track continues to play, causing the pace of the track to deviate from the events on-screen.

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