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The Downloadable Content for BioShock Infinite are expansions, improvements, and upgrades made available from online.


For the patches released for BioShock Infinite, see BioShock Infinite Patches.

Season Pass[]

The Season Pass was made available online and through purchase at stores on launch day. The Season Pass made, in addition to pre-purchasing any future based DLC with the exception of Columbia's Finest, the following upgrades available, as part of the Early Bird Special Pack:

Columbia’s Finest Pack[]

This pack combines the previous contents prior to the game's release, both from the Upgrade Pack (originally part of the Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions of BioShock Infinite), and the Industrial Revolution Pack, along with its preorder weapons from Best Buy and Gamestop. It was released on June 25th, 2013, and does not count as part of the Season Pass DLC.


Clash in the Clouds[]

Clash in the Clouds is the first original DLC announced with the release of the Season Pass. It features sixty challenges on four new maps, in which Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth will have to fend off waves of enemies, including Handymen, Motorized Patriots, Firemen, Zealots of the Lady, Beasts, the Siren, and the regular enemy hordes of Columbia from both sides of the civil war. Completing each of the Blue Ribbon Challenges unlock models and concept art in the Columbia Archaeological Society museum map.

Burial at Sea[]

Burial at Sea is an original story campaign for BioShock Infinite. Set in Rapture in 1958 before its fall, it features a version of Booker DeWitt living in Rapture as a private detective. He is hired by a mysterious young woman, Elizabeth, to look for a missing girl. This new story is separated into two parts.

Episode 1[]

Episode 1 has the player taking the role of Booker.

Episode 2[]

Episode 2 has the player taking the role of Elizabeth.

Behind the Scenes[]

The "Flint's Lighthouse Signage" Concept.

The "Babb's Lab" Concept.

  • Concept art found on Chris Chaproniere's ArtStation profile of a unknown location in Columbia named "Babb's Lab", is a environmental study from a canceled BioShock Infinite DLC.[1] Another piece of concept of a lighthouse sign named "Flint's Lighthouse Signage" was also found, with the text "BioShock Infinite DLC" written on it, though any in-DLC version of this sign was not included. Nothing except for these concepts are known about the particular projects nor if they are from the same unmade add-on.
  • Eric Sterner made a "test space" for BioShock Infinite's downloadable content. If this was intended for an actual DLC, developed into Clash in the Clouds, or just for a "test space" is unknown. There appears to be two test spaces (if they are connected is ambiguous). One appears to be an industrial area, and the other a pavilion with a hall, a small stage, and several bookshelves. The areas were done from mostly existing assets.[2]


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