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The BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide is the official strategy guide for BioShock Infinite. It was published by BradyGames on March 26, 2013, in two editions: the paperback BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide and the hardbound BioShock Infinite Limited Edition Guide, which features a new hardcover depicting a close up look at the Songbird, an exclusive 4” enameled metal replica keychain of the Freedom Key to Elizabeth's cage as well as an exclusive board game card from the upcoming board game BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia.[1]

Both guides feature an in-depth walkthrough through every step of the game and explanation about each collectible item, illustrated maps for location of Vigors, vending machines and static piece of Gear, strategies and tactics against the enemies encountered through Columbia, detailed data and information for all of the arms and armament of the game and supplementary details by the staff of Irrational Games, information for unlocking every Achievement and Trophy, transcriptions of every Voxophone and a vast collection of images.




Welcome to Columbia[]

  • A summary of the game's plot and how to use the guide.

Detective Training[]

  • Controls
  • Difficulty: Description of the difficulty settings (particularly 1999 Mode).
  • Fighting
    • Statistics on the Sky-Hook.
    • Shielded from the Truth: Information about the Shield.
    • Dying in Columbia: About death in-game.
  • Sky-Hook Travel: How to get around in the city using the Sky-Lines and Freight Hooks.
  • Catalogue for 1912: A list of items, including Silver Eagles, consumables, ammunition, and others.


Guns of Liberty[]

  • Lessons Learned from Wounded Knee: Hints and tips about choosing and using weapons in-game.
  • Weapon Data: Information about all in-game weapons, regarding the maximum and minimum amount of damage dealt, critical hit multipliers, rounds per minute, magazine capacity, reserve capacity, and any special notes, along with any special upgrades.


  • A list of all eight Vigors and their effects. A vulnerability chart showing enemies' weaknesses to Vigors is included.
    • Stats: The cost of Salts per use, the amount of damage dealt, and the duration of the Vigors' effects.
    • Combos: All eight official Vigor combinations.
    • Upgrades: The cost, function and first availability of Vigor upgrades.

The Height of Columbia Fashion[]

Luck of the Draw[]

  • Randomized Gear: Hats, Shirts, Pants and Boots that appear at random.
  • Guaranteed Gear: The five pieces of Gear always found in the same place.

Matching Outfit[]

  • Building Examples: Several possible combinations from equipped Gear.

Booker's Campaign[]

  • A basic walkthrough of all chapters of the game. Each level includes:
    • Objectives
    • First Encounters
    • New Vigors
    • New Weaponry
    • Collectibles: Number of collectible items for each level.
    • Maps of each of the different levels, with locations for Infusions, Kinetoscopes, Telescopes, Voxophones, vending machines, Gear, safes, keys, chests, Code Books, and ciphers.
    • Voxophone transcripts.
    • Kinetoscope film titles.
    • Side quest information.
    • Heavy Hitter walkthroughs.
    • Brief descriptions of the significant characters.
    • Supplementary information from Irrational Games staff.

Enemies of the People[]

  • A list of the different enemies in the game. A chart of where you'll first encounter each rank is included.
    • Tactics and strategies for each enemy you encounter.
    • Enemy Ranks
    • Variants
    • Health
    • Ranged Damage
    • Melee Damage
    • Explosion Damage

Achievements & Trophies[]

  • Story Achievements: All achievements related to the plot of the campaign.
    • Difficulty Modes: Achievements for completing the game based on difficulty.
  • Combat Achievements: All achievements unlocked during combat.
    • Weapon Kills
    • Vigors and Tears
    • Sky-Lines
    • General Combat
  • Upgrades and Collectibles: All achievements testing the player's commitment to exploration by gathering collectibles and purchasing upgrades.
  • This guide also includes an advertisement for BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia.