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Standard Auto RoundAntipersonnel Auto RoundAmor-Piercing Auto RoundSteel-Tip BoltIncendiary BoltTrap Bolt00 BuckElectric BuckExploding Buck NapalmNitrogenElectric GelFilmFrag GrenadeProximity MineHeat-Seeking RPGStandard Pistol RoundAmor-Piercing Pistol RoundAntipersonnel Pistol Round

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  • Auto Round
    • Standard Auto Round
    • Antipersonnel Auto Round
    • Armor-Piercing Auto Round
  • Bolt
    • Steel-Tip Bolt
    • Incendiary Bolt
    • Trap Bolt
  • Buck
    • 00 Buck
    • Electric Buck
    • Exploding Buck
  • Chemical
    • Napalm
    • Nitrogen
    • Electric Gel
  • Film
  • Grenade
    • Frag Grenade
    • Proximity Mine
    • Heat-Seeking RPG
  • Pistol Round
    • Standard Pistol Round
    • Armor-Piercing Pistol Round
    • Antipersonnel Pistol Round

Audio Diaries[]

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Arcadia MerlotBandagesChechnya VodkaCigarettesCoffeeCreme-Filled CakeFine GinHop-Up SodaOld Harbinger BeerOld Tom WhiskeyPep BarPotato Chips

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Plot Items and Keys[]

Audio DiaryBig Daddy Suit Control SystemEmergencey Access KeyLazarus VectorFarmer's Market KeyNitroglycerinR-34 Wire Cluster

Single-Use Items[]

ADAM VialAutomatic Hack ToolDollarEVE HypoFirst Aid KitSpider Splicer OrganMed Hypo

Removed Items[]

Invention Components[]

AlcoholBatteryBrass TubeCholorophyl SolutionDistilled WaterEmpty HypoEnzyme SampleGlueKeroseneRubber HoseScrewShell Casing

Main article: U-Invent

Behind the Scenes[]

Icon musekey unused.png

  • Although the Emergency Access Key and Sander Cohen's Muse Key share the same bronze key icon and the Market Key uses the silver one, there is an unused gold key icon in BioShock's display texture files. The key was intended for Sander Cohen's Muse Key.