Welcome to Rapture Door

"Welcome to Rapture" found in BioShock.

Over the course of the game, the player will travel through several different locations in Rapture, each one with its own unique theme and appearance. The following is the list of the locations in BioShock.


Challenge RoomsEdit

These non-canon locations are explorable in BioShock's downloadable content, Challenge Rooms:

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The diminutives for the levels' names as used in files are, in BioShock:
    • Lighthouse (for The Lighthouse)
    • Welcome (for Welcome to Rapture)
    • Medical (for Medical Pavilion)
    • Fisheries (for Neptune's Bounty)
    • SubBay (for Smuggler's Hideout)
    • Hydroponics (for Arcadia)
    • Market (for Farmer's Market)
    • Recreation (for Fort Frolic)
    • Engineering (for Hephaestus)
    • Ryan (for Rapture Central Control)
    • Residential (for Olympus Heights)
    • Slums (for Apollo Square)
    • Science (for Point Prometheus)
    • Gauntlet (for Proving Grounds)
    • BossFight (for Fontaine)
  • In The Challenge Rooms:
  • Other downloadable content: