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Little Sister figure

The 3.5" Little Sister figurine.

BioShock Merchandise are various official real-world products made based on the BioShock series, including action figures, clothes, accesories, collectables, replicas, and more.


NECA BioShock Toy Series[]

The NECA BioShock Toy Series is a series of figurines created by toy/figurine manufacturer NECA.[1] The series features the BioShock series' most iconic characters and enemies; such as Subject Delta, the Big Daddies, the Little Sisters, the Big Sister, and even the Splicers. Replica props are also part of the series.[2]

Action Figures[]

BioShock 2 Line[]

Series 1[]
Big Daddy (Bouncer)

"The hulking armor clad Bouncer wields a massive drill on its right arm and attacks by slamming his enormous head into its target at high speed. Bouncers can also use their drill to bore their prey at close range. The Bouncers are the lower form of Big Daddy and are assigned to safeguard the Little Sisters in Rapture."

A large, highly detailed Bouncer figurine standing at around 8" tall. Features articulation and removable tanks.

Subject Delta

"Subject Delta is a prototype from the initial line of Big Daddies, known as the Alpha Series. Delta was the first Big Daddy to be successfully bonded to a Little Sister, but in a traumatic event he was violently separated from her. After ten long years, Subject Delta has mysteriously reappeared and found himself with a unique trait among Big Daddies: free will. The Alpha Series is more streamlined and agile than later Big Daddy models, making Subject Delta one of the most powerful forces in Rapture. Wielding a hand-mounted drill and an extensive armory, Subject Delta has embarked on a single-minded quest to find his former Little Sister and be reunited with her."

This figurine measures 7", and depicts Delta armed with his Drill. He has removable hoses and backpack tanks, interchangeable drill arm and unarmed arm, and ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

Big Sister

"Big Sisters are Rapture's fiercest predators. Despite being covered in armor they posses deadly agility and can strike from anywhere. Charged with protecting Little Sisters, Big Sisters keep an eye on all the ADAM in Rapture and punish anyone that disrupts the balance. Able to throw objects telekinetically, leap off walls for powerful melee blows, throw fireballs, execute devastating charge attacks and even extract ADAM directly from living Splicers, Big Sisters are the worst nightmare of anyone unlucky enough to draw their ire."

This figurine measures 7", and includes the Big Sister's basket in which the Little Sister figure mentioned next can be placed. She has ball joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees ankles and ab crunch.

Little Sister

"Little Sisters are young girls who have had ADAM-producing slugs implanted into their bodies, enabling them to drink the blood of dead Splicers and extract viable ADAM from it. This makes them incredibly valuable in Rapture, where Splicers crave ADAM enough to kill for it. Because of this, they are accompanied at all time by Big Daddies, hulking protectors in diving suits who will defend Little Sisters to death. Little Sisters are driven mad by their constant exposure to substance ADAM but are beyond redemption. In the right hands, they can find salvation and be turned back into the innocent little girls they once were."

This figurine measures 3.5" -- despite its size, it is highly detailed. Ball joints are used for the neck, shoulders and arms, and a V-shape for the hip-leg connections. It comes with a suitably-sized ADAM syringe. It was given with pre-ordered copies of BioShock 2 and is now only available in packs with the Big Sister action figure or Young Eleanor action figure.

Series 2[]
Big Daddy (Rosie)

"Nicknamed "Rosie" after the iconic "Rosie the Riveter" posters of the era, this model of Big Daddy was exploited as free labor to help construct the underwater city of Rapture. After the city plunged into civil war, it was pressed into services as a bodyguard –- using its powerful rivet gun and proximity grenades to defend the Little Sisters to the death."

The Deluxe Big Daddy Rosie is packed with detail. Loaded with articulation and tanks that plug into the back. This enormous figurine also comes with the Rivet Gun accessory which it can hold in its right hand.

Young Eleanor

"Treated as a science experiment from an early age, Eleanor was a bright, precocious child who resisted the moral indoctrination forced on her by her mother, Sofia Lamb. Through a cruel twist of fate, the spirited child was transformed into the first Little Sister successfully bonded to a Big Daddy—Subject Delta himself. But Lamb has other plans for Eleanor, and will stop at nothing to reclaim her..."

Same model as the Little Sister action figure but with a white dress, new legs with shoes and Eleanor's head. It includes a suitably-sized Delta doll and syringe. It comes only in a pack with the Little Sister action figure.

Lady Smith Splicer

"Once she was the talk of the town -– a high-profile socialite whose wit was her weapon among Rapture’s elite. As the city fell from grace, so did she -– becoming addicted to ADAM, splicing herself stronger and faster to feel safe in the streets. She resents having to eat refuse and scrabble for ADAM, but ultimately, she’s a survivor. As a "Leadhead", she pelts her enemies with bursts of tommy-gun fire between vicious verbal barbs."

This figurine measures 7" and comes with a removable, suitably-sized rabbit mask, a Machine Gun, a removable case of standard Auto Round, a rolling pin and a pedestal for making the figurine stand.

Big Daddy (Elite Bouncer)

"As packs of advanced, specialized splicers began to bring down the original Bouncer line with ease, Ryan Industries responded in force… with the Elite Bouncer. His reinforced diving suit repels attacks that the original underwater gear simply wasn’t designed to withstand -– and his bladed drill bit was purpose-built for war. Thanks to Ryan Industries, the Little Sisters are safer than ever, in the arms of an Elite."

Relatively same aspects as the regular Bouncer figurine, with minor differences such as the red collar, a bladed drill instead of the regular drill and the colors. It was first sold as a Toys "R" Us Exclusive in the United States but can now be found on the Internet.

Series 3[]

On June 21, 2011, NECA announced on their Twitter account that the Splicer series (Series 3) would be the final figurines in the BioShock 2 line, since interest in the line had declined. Although their interests were focused on the BioShock Infinite license, they did consider picking up more from the BioShock license sometime in the future. As for the current Splicer series, it was delayed from release for more than a year. Finally, NECA decided in early 2012 to release the Splicer series figurines separately as store exclusives, rather than as a full series line, beginning with the Brute Splicer on June 28th. In early 2013, NECA decided that not only the Crawler and Ladysmith variant would finally be released as a two pack in summer 2013, but through their newly created NECA Direct, which details would be discussed at San Diego Comic Con.

Subject Omega
Alpha Series Sinclair

"One final Big Daddy in the Alpha Series, created by Dr. Sofia Lamb to punish Subject Delta for abducting her daughter. Formidable as Omega is in a fight -- Lamb knew that Delta fears no physical harm. This assault was psychological, as Subject Omega remembers its former identity -- and it speaks with the voice of a former ally…"

This figurine depicts Sinclair after he was turned into the last Alpha Series Big Daddy, Subject Omega. Relatively same aspects as the Subject Delta Action Figure, with minor differences such as a removable, fully-upgraded launcher instead of the drill and the colors. It comes only in a pack with the variant Little Sister action figure and "Bunny" Splicer Mask replica.

Little Sister (Variant)
Red Little Sister Figure

The same figurine as the Little Sister Action Figure, but with a red dress and suitably-sized Delta doll and syringe. It comes only in a pack with the Subject Omega action figure and "Bunny" Splicer Mask replica.

Brute Splicer
Brute Splicer Action Figures

released in June, 2012

"As a skilled boxer, he left London behind to make his way in Rapture. Quick to anger and bigger than most, he found that he rarely fit in with other men. When the city cracked open, he changed with it. The flooded streets tested man against man and his skills made him a first-rate ruffian -- never afraid to hit below the belt. After years of hoarding ADAM he's now capable of inhuman feats of strength -- hurling insults one minute, tables the next."

This figurine, released June 28, 2012 as a Toys "R" Us exclusive, depicts a Brute Splicer. It includes a suitably-sized hat.

Crawler Splicer
Spider Splicer Action Figure

To be released in 2013.

"As a long-term patient of Dr. Sofia Lamb, he can barely remember the days before the intense therapy. Though he cannot recall the problems that lead him into the famed therapists care, his every moment is filled with anticipation of his next session. As Rapture collapsed, so did he, and day blurred into night. For years he sleepwalked its streets, splicing himself faster and more predatory. Through massive doses of ADAM, he has transformed himself into a creature perfectly suited to his habitat. Able to climb sheer walls, and squeeze through the ducts of Rapture, he hopes the good doctor will recognize all the progress he has made."

This figurine depicts a Spider Splicer from BioShock 2, known as 'Crawler'. It includes a suitably-sized crow mask and two hooks.

Lady Smith Splicer (Variant)
Variant LadySmith Splicer

To be released in 2013.

The same figurine as the Lady Smith Action Figure with a different color scheme (red hairs, a dark pea dress), a double-barreled shotgun, a wrench, a hawk mask and a pedestal to make the figurine stand.

"Light Up" Big Daddy (Bouncer)
Bouncer LED

Released in summer 2011.

"This brand new Big Daddy Bouncer action figure features light-up portholes on his head. A 3-Way switch concealed on his back allows you to chose Green, Yellow or Red LED lights to represent the Bouncer's state of mind."

Same model as the Bouncer from the first series, but with switchable LEDs behind its portholes with can turn to green, yellow or red.

Limited Edition[]

Eleanor Lamb
Eleanor savior figurine

"Eleanor wants to see the sun. After years of abuse and captivity in the underwater city of Rapture, the troubled genius craves escape -- and she has turned to Subject Delta for help. Her connection to him is primal, like that of a devoted daughter despite the tragic origins of their bond. In her eyes, he can do no wrong -- but she’s no shrinking violet. Like Delta, she becomes a single-minded force of nature when angered."

Same model as the Big Sister action figure, but with the helmet replaced by Eleanor's head, no shoulder plates, a red bottle on her syringe and without the air tank and the cage. It comes only in an exclusive pack with the saved Little Sister action figure.

Little Sister (Saved)

Same aspect as the regular Little Sister action figure, but with a 'saved' appearance, a cleaner dress and a suitably-sized Delta Doll. It comes only in an exclusive pack the Eleanor Lamb action figure.

BioShock Infinite Line[]

It was announced by NECA on February 13, 2011 that action figures from BioShock Infinite's universe will be made available before the release of the game. Originally planned for September 2012 for the game's October release,[3] the line was pushed back to January 2013 when the game was also delayed for March 2013.

Series 1[]
Boy of Silence
BOS 837

"Watch where you step! Don't say a word! You'll be in trouble if the Boys have heard!"

The Boy of Silence features a movable jaw, and was released in January 2013.


Elizabeth features a velvet cloth dress, and was released in January 2013.

Series 2[]

Motorized Patriot
Neca proto moto patriot 1052

A 9-inch Deluxe Figurine, The Motorized Patriot features two interchangeable heads (one wearing its George Washington mask, and one as its metal skull), a Peppermill Crank Gun, and two Columbian flags. It was released in November 2013.

Benjamin Franklin Motorized Patriot
Franklin Patriot Toy

The Benjamin Franklin variant of the Motorized Patriot is over 9-inches tall and much like the George Washington Patriot, it comes with a Peppermill Crank Gun, and two Columbian flags. It was released in February 2014.

Booker DeWitt

The Booker DeWitt figure is 6 1/2 inches tall, and comes with a China Boom Shotgun and a Skyhook. It was released in late April 2014.


BioShock 2 Line[]

Big Daddy Plush Doll

A plush replica of the doll that was first shown in the Sea of Dreams trailer, made to resemble a Bouncer Big Daddy.

EVE Hypo Light-up Replica

A replica of the EVE Hypo syringe. Features a special button located at the top of the syringe that causes lights to illuminate within the replica, creating the trademark blue glow.

Subject Delta Plush Doll

Relatively same aspects to Little Sister Bouncer Doll, with clock face instead of Bouncer eyes. Over 7" tall.

"Bunny" Splicer Mask
Bunny Splicer Mask

A wearable replica of a Splicer mask. It comes only in a pack with the Subject Omega and the variant Little Sister action figures.

"Welder" Splicer Mask
Welder Splicer Mask Replica

A wearable replica of a Splicer mask.

BioShock Infinite[]

As with their BioShock 2 line, NECA released replicas based on BioShock Infinite, as well as diarama-like statues seen in Columbia.

Limited Columbia Concept Statue

Based on the iconic statue seen in BioShock Infinite, the 14-inch tall polystone Columbia Concept Statue features a war-torn flag, magnetic-locked arms, and the engraved inscription "1897 Columbia Welcomes You". The statue was released in December 2012 as part of a limited series of 1,000 units.[4]


The Sky-Hook Replica features a working mechanism that activates its spring-loaded hooks when pressing its trigger. It was released in January 2013. One person also had the opportunity to win the first prototype for the Sky-Hook with an exclusive box (which won't be commercialized with the final product) in a contest set by Irrational Games' staff.[5]

Songbird Plush Replica

In May of 2013, Irrational listed the Songbird Plushie, a replica of the toys seen in the game in various locations in Columbia. The toy began shipping on August 14, 2013 and sits at 7” tall, has an outstretched wingspan of 14”, weighs 180g, and is comprised of metal & wire (55g), PU (25g), and polyester (100g).

Songbird replica
According to Irrational, "more than just a mere child’s fable, you can now have your own ruthlessly adorable Songbird plushie''.

Booker DeWitt's Box
Booker DeWitt box merchandise
Select members of the press received a replica of Booker DeWitt's box from BioShock Infinite. Like the box seen at the beginning of the game, it contains a photograph of Elizabeth, the code to enter Columbia, the coordinates of New York City, a Monument Island postcard and the key to Elizabeth's tower. The box also contains a cloth Father Comstock photograph, two Vigor pins and stickers representing the First Lady's Aerodrome, Hall of Heroes and Monument Island.


Series 1[]

Big Sister & Little Sister
Big Sister & Little Sister Pack 2

This pack is a Toys R Us Exclusive in the United States but can be also found on the Internet. It includes the regular Big Sister and Little Sister action figures.

Series 2[]

Young Eleanor & Little Sister
Young Eleanor & Littel Sister Pack

This pack includes the young Eleanor and the regular Little Sister action figures.

Series 3[]

Holiday 2010
Holiday 2010 Box

This pack includes Subject Omega, the variant Little Sister action figures and the 'Bunny' Splicer Mask. It was released in November as a Toys R Us Exclusive in United States, on PLAY.COM in United Kingdom and at other retailers.

LadySmith & Crawler

A NECA Direct exclusive, this 2-pack contains the final unreleased figures of the BioShock 2 line. It features the variant Lady Smith Splicer and the Crawler figurines with their intended accessories, and was released in late summer 2013.

Limited Edition[]

Eleanor Lamb & Little Sister (Saved)
Eleanor Lamb & Liitle Sister Pack

This pack includes the Eleanor Lamb and the saved Little Sister action figures. It was an exclusive sold at the July 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego, California. It can now be found on the Internet and rarely through specialty shops, but cannot be purchased in retail shops.

Unmade NECA Figures and Props[]

BioShock ADAM Syringe Replica

The ADAM Syringe prototype seen on the very bottom shelf of the display for SDCC 2010.

Only seen once at San Diego Comic Con '10, a unfinished prototype of the ADAM Syringe was on display at NECA's booth. Unfortunately, it was never produced and was "at the backburn" when the toy line declined. However, when asked about the prop, NECA would consider producing it if there were interest in it.[6]

Murder of Crows Vigor accessory

The Murder of Crows Vigor accessory with the early Booker DeWitt prototype.

When revealed in the New York Toy Fair in 2014, the prototype of the Booker DeWitt figure would have included an additional accessory: a Murder of Crows Vigor. This only appeared once, as revisions of the prototype figure (such as the left hand and head) would soon remove the Vigor accessory.


Product Development
  • Randy Falk
  • Kyle Windrix
  • Jason Fraidley
  • Sam Lute
  • Chris Gawrych
  • Olivier Brig
  • Jon Wardell
  • Geoffrey Trapp
  • Adam Smith
Photography & Packaging
  • Nicole Falk
With the participation from 2K Games
  • Jeff Weir
  • Matt Gorman
  • Melissa Miller
  • Claire Roberts

Gaming Heads[]

Brigid TenenbaumHQ
"...if you're going to do such things, at least you should
do them properly."
Brigid Tenenbaum

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Normally accompanied by her trusty guardian, the Songbird, Elizabeth is Booker’s trusty companion as they venture,through the city of Columbia,

Elizabeth GamingHead Figure

Elizabeth Gaming Head

a city truly in the clouds. Her resourcefulness to pick locks, scrounge for resources as well as open tears proves to be invaluable to Booker throughout the entire duration of his stay. Wielding her trusty Sky-Hook, nowhere is inaccessible to Elizabeth, not even your home! Gaming Heads is proud to present the BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth Exclusive Statue. Standing approximately 18 inches tall (i.e. 1/4 scale), carefully cast in polystone resin and hand-painted by artisans, the BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth Exclusive Statue expertly captures her likeness in intricate detail from her ponytail down to her missing little finger.Each BioShock Infinite

Big Daddy Rosie[]

Always seen with its Little Sister, the Rosie is one the of five Big Daddies from BioShock. They are built to protect Little Sisters while they are collecting ADAM. The strong bond between a Rosie and its Little Sister makes the Rosie highly aggressive. Attacking a Little Sister will definitely trigger the wrath of her Big Daddy protector.The BioShock: Big Daddy - Rosie Exclusive Statue is brought to you by Gaming Heads. Standing in front of a Little Sister, Rosie is depicted in ¼ scale and stands about 21 inches tall. Shielding the Little Sister from any attack, Rosie is depicted in its basic heavy diving suit and holding its signature rivet gun.The diving helmet of the BioShock: Big Daddy - Rosie Exclusive Statue incorporates LEDs that change colours (i.e. green, yellow and red). You can choose the colours in Rosie's diving helmet but choose wisely.Each statue

Bioshock big daddy rosie GamingHead Figures

Rosie Gaming Head

has been cast in polystone resin so that it shows the finest of details and it's hand-painted. Each statue comes in deluxe full-color packaging, has a hand-numbered base and a certificate of authenticity, which allows you to purchase the same edition number for future releases in the BioShock range. Since this is the first statue in our BioShock range, edition numbers are given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Big Daddy Bouncer[]

The BioShock: Big Daddy - Bouncer statue has been depicted as it is shown on the box cover art for the game with the Bouncer having its Drill at the ready and a Little Sister by its side. The Bouncer is one of the 5 functional types of Big Daddies, along with the Rosie (see our first BioShock exclusive edition statue) with its name coming from the way they attack, hitting the ground with the Drill disorientating anyone in the near

Figure Bioshock big daddy bouncer gaminghead

Bouncer Gaming Head

vicinity. At 1/4 scale, the BioShock: Big Daddy - Bouncer (exclusive edition) statue stands approximately 20" tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of the Drill (yes, it is BIG). It has been meticulously designed using in-game files and hand painted to exacting standards to capture all of the fine detail that polystone can offer. Only available on Gaming Heads, the 8 small portholes of the helmet on the BioShock: Big Daddy - Bouncer (exclusive edition) statue light up (i.e. green, yellow and red).The BioShock: Big Daddy - Bouncer is also available as a regular edition statue.

Other Figurines[]

Andrew Ryan Limited Edition Figurine[]


8" tall, 200 in existence. 5 passed out to regular people at PAX East, 2010. Rest will be exclusively handed out. Some released to journalists at meal with Ken Levine.[7] In May 2012, Irrational Games decided to market the remaining Andrew Ryan Figurines to the general public through their official online store.[8]

Sander Cohen Figurine[]

Sander statue cropped

8" tall, 110 in existence. Comes with a bunny mask that is both removable and placeable. Made in August 2009 for a company party at 2K Boston, now Irrational Games, where the figurines were employee-exclusive gifts.[9] Designed and sculpted by Lead Artist, Robb Waters, through distributor Patch Together.[10]

Elizabeth Noir Statue[]

Elizabeth Statue
How about we start with a light?
― Elizabeth[src]

12" tall. The Elizabeth Noir Statue is a replica of Elizabeth in her Burial at Sea attire. The set comes in a custom-made box with the statue and its removable base. The statue is part of a limited series of 400 with 50 personally signed by Ken Levine.[11]

BioShock Infinite Lutece Statue[]

BioShock Infinite Lutece Statue
Heads, or Tails?
― Robert and Rosalind Lutece[src]

13" tall. The Lutece Statue is a replica of Robert and Rosalind Lutece in their iconic "Heads, or tails" moment near the Fairgrounds in BioShock Infinite. The set features the two statues, Robert's sandwich board, Rosalind's plate (both removable) and a separate base. The statues are limited to 250 total units.[12]

BioShock Big Daddy Statue[]

BaS Big Daddy Little Sister Statue

Weighing over 15 pounds and 14" tall, The Big Daddy Statue is a replica of the imprinting scene between the Big Daddy and Little Sisters in Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic in Burial at Sea - Episode 2. The statue is made out of resin and is limited to 400 units. The statue features the Little Sisters Masha Lutz and Leta and a Bouncer Big Daddy with a removable base.[13]

Vigor Bottle Replicas[]

Real-world life-sized replicas of several Vigor bottles were produced in limited quantity. The replicas include: Bucking Bronco, Devil's Kiss, Murder of Crows, Possession and Undertow

Funko POP! BioShock Vinyl Figures[]

In 2015, Funko released six different POP! Vinyl BioShock figures: the Little Sister, the Big Daddy (Bouncer Big Daddy type, 6" Super Sized Pop), Booker DeWitt (with a Shotgun), Booker DeWitt (with the Sky-Hook), Elizabeth, and the Songbird (6" Super Sized Pop).[14]

Funko Dorbz BioShock Vinyl Figures[]

Funko also released Dorbz figures in July 2016 of four BioShock characters. Including the Little Sister, the Big Daddy, Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt.[15]

11' Collectible Big Daddy & Little Sister Statue[]

BioShock 10th Anniversary 11' Collectable Big Daddy & Little Sister Statue

The 11' Collectible Big Daddy & Little Sister Statue is a replica of the Bouncer Big Daddy and Little Sister, based on the cover for the first BioShock, with an Art Deco Rapture background and a chess-patterned floor with a water puddle the Big Daddy steps in. The statue was part of the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition: a re-release of BioShock: The Collection in celebration of BioShock's tenth anniversary. Both the Big Daddy's and Little Sister's eyes light up, the Big Daddy's drill spins and there are sound effects for the duo, all button controlled. The statue comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and an assembly manual, as well as the rest of the collector's edition.[16][17]

Big Daddy Vinyl Figure[]

Bio Big Daddy Vinyl Figure

The Big Daddy Vinyl Figure is a small figure of the Bouncer Big Daddy. The figure is 4.8 inches tall, made out of colored vinyl, and comes in a windowed display box.[18] It was released in 2018.

Elizabeth Vinyl Figure[]

BioI Elizabeth Vinyl Figure

The Elizabeth Vinyl Figure is a small figure of Elizabeth in her first outfit. The figure is 3.5 inches tall, made out of colored vinyl, and comes in a windowed display box.[19] It was released in October 2019.


Youtooz released several BioShock-themed collectibles in 2023[20]:

Apparel & Accessories[]

The following are various official apparel and accessories for the BioShock series.



Additional Images[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Bouncer action figure was the first BioShock product from NECA to be released. It is also the only one to have a different design for his box (the box' background comes from the cover of BioShock and for the other products it comes from the cover of BioShock 2) and a "Sneaker Preview" sticker. This same figurine is actually based on an old version of the Bouncer which was corrected in BioShock, even if the scaled replica from the Limited Collector's Edition is based on that version. The difference is in fact the appearance of his right air tank which has some sort of chimney on his top on the right version. Also, the action figures looks more damaged than the actual Bouncers from the games.
  • The limited edition of Eleanor Lamb's action figure is not a true replica of the original since it has more features from a regular Big Sister's diving suit than the suit in the game.

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