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Publication Score
Xbox 360 A+[1]
Eurogamer 10/10[2]
GameSpot 9/10[3]
Game Informer 10/10[4]
IGN 9.7/10[5]
Official Xbox Magazine (& UK) 10/10
PC Gamer UK 9.5/10[6]
PC Zone 9.6/10[7]
IGN 9.7/10[8]
Compilation review site Aggregate score
Game Ranking Xbox 360: 97% (14 reviews)[9]

PC: 96% (3 reviews)[10]

Metacritic Xbox 360: 97/100 (18 reviews)[11]

PC: 97/100 (4 reviews)[12]

BioShock has received an extremely positive response from critics. This article displays more exact statistics of this.

Pre-release awards[edit | edit source]

At E3 2006, BioShock was given the "Game of the Show" award from various online gaming sites, including GameSpot,[13] IGN,[14] GameSpy[15] and GameTrailers's Trailer of the Year.

Reviews[edit | edit source]

The game has been cited as having an "inescapable atmosphere",[16] "inconceivably great plot" and "stunning soundtrack and audio effects".[17] The gameplay and combat system has been praised for being smooth and open-ended.[4][5] Overall, reviewers have noted that the combination of the games elements "straddles so many entertainment art forms so expertly that it's the best demonstration yet how flexible this medium can be. It's no longer just another shooter wrapped up in a pretty game engine, but a story that exists and unfolds inside the most convincing and elaborate and artistic game world ever conceived."[2]

A few points of criticism have come across so far. The scarcity of ammunition in the game can deter newer players from the title,[18] (though the developers have indicated such scarcity is by design[19]) while the recovery system through Vita-Chambers, which restores the player's health but does not alter the enemies', may make the game too easy for more experienced gamers.[20]

In the PC version, IGN noted that switching between weapons or Plasmids is easier using the mouse than the radial menu in the Xbox 360 version, as well as the graphics being slightly better with higher resolutions.[8]

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