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Feel the SPARK of VIVACITY at the fingertips of our specially trained therapists.
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Plasmid Therapies, or Plasmid Therapy, is a spa located in the Adonis Luxury Resort of Rapture. The spa offered a variety of cutting-edge treatments for the customers, such as the Rapture-exclusive Plasmid therapy.

Even in a location like a Rapture, a paradise built for the hardest workers and brightest minds on Earth, everyone needs a day off to recuperate in a relaxing environment. One such place was Plasmid Therapies, a part of the Adonis Baths. This swanky establishment provided its upper-class patrons with a variety of health and beauty treatments such as a sauna, tanning salon, mud bath, and the rejuvenating Plasmid-based therapies, that used the likes of Electro Bolt. (Read More...)

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