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Footlight Theater Logo.png
Now, I ain't saying I'm Shakespeare, but I'm trying to run a respectable theater.
― Steve Barker[src]

The Footlight Theater is a small stage theater located in the Welcome Center complex of Rapture. Jack must journey through here during the introductory level of BioShock. When he does, he gets a front row seat to the interactions of the dangerous denizens of the underwater city.

The Footlight Theater was once a small playhouse, owned by Steve Barker, where Sander Cohen's Happy Chappy and other small productions were carried out. The theater catered to anyone wanting to enjoy a show, including working and middle-class citizens. Barker grew angry with Brenda, the owner of the neighboring Kashmir Restaurant, after some structural damage occurred in the restaurant's bathroom wall, which it shared with Barker's business, and her neglect to fix it. (Read More...)

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