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Fontaine Clinics Sign
What did they expect? You keep enough drugs stashed in this clinic to splice up a rhinoceros, of course every poor soul in the drop's gonna start beatin' down your door.
― Tobias Riefers[src]

Fontaine Clinics is a business located in Town Square, Pauper's Drop. The business was owned by Frank Fontaine and, like many of his charitable assets, had a hidden agenda.

The center was open to customers from 8 AM to 4 PM. Besides providing medical care to the people of the Drop, the clinic also collected blood in exchange for cash, which secretly helped Fontaine Futuristics in retrieving ADAM for recycling. Certain Gene Tonics were also sold at the clinic, mainly to help cure diseases like Tuberculosis which were rife in the Drop. With such a large supply of ADAM and drugs, they had to take extreme security measures to prevent burglary by its desperate customers. (Read More...)

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