BioShock Wiki is a community effort to document everything about the BioShock game series. From basic game information, to guides and the story, the wiki is constantly expanding its knowledge base to serve the fan community. The BioShock Wiki is run by fans and has several Administrators who help to keep the site orderly and clean.

The BioShock Wiki was started in July of 2007 by its founder, Grubish360. Since then it has grown a great deal with the help of a steadily expanding community of BioShock fans.

The BioShock Wiki uses the 1.33.3 version of MediaWiki.

For more information, see Special:Version.

Statistics:[edit source]

As of October 2020 the BioShock Wiki has:

  • 2,506 articles
  • 13,593 uploaded files
  • 26,364,516 total users
  • 16 active users
  • 8 administrators

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