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This is a BioShock Wiki project, a collaboration of editors working to improve articles and other content related to a particular subject.

For a full list of business articles that may need attention, see Rapture Businesses and Columbia Businesses.

Progress for Rapture[]

Several Rapture businesses need updates or pictures (see Article stubs).

Medical Pavilion[]

Neptune's Bounty[]

Fort Frolic[]

Apollo Square[]

Dionysus Park[]

Fontaine Futuristics[]



Fontaine's Department Store/Housewares[]

Needed Pictures[]

Needed Confirmation[]

The following are businesses that have been listed on the Rapture Businesses page without a source and needs confirmation of where in the games/other media it is seen:

  • Schneicher Optics
  • Liberty Cartwidge Ltd
  • Huck Beer Ale - Beverage.
  • Lloyd's News - Supposedly seen on concept art.

Progress for Columbia[]

With the advent of BioShock Infinite, various businesses from Columbia need to be added and kept up to date.