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This is a BioShock Wiki project, a collaboration of editors working to improve articles and other content related to a particular subject.

For a full list of business articles that may need attention, see Rapture Businesses and Columbia Businesses.

Progress for RaptureEdit

Several Rapture businesses need updates or pictures (see Article stubs).

Medical PavilionEdit

Neptune's BountyEdit

Fort FrolicEdit

Apollo SquareEdit

Dionysus ParkEdit

Fontaine FuturisticsEdit



Fontaine's Department Store/HousewaresEdit

Needed PicturesEdit

Needed ConfirmationEdit

The following are businesses that have been listed on the Rapture Businesses page without a source and needs confirmation of where in the games/other media it is seen:

  • Schneicher Optics
  • Liberty Cartwidge Ltd
  • Huck Beer Ale - Beverage.
  • Lloyd's News - Supposedly seen on concept art.

Progress for ColumbiaEdit

With the advent of BioShock Infinite, various businesses from Columbia need to be added and kept up to date.


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