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This page contains the BioShock Wiki image policy. It describes criteria and rules for images allowed in the main content of articles. In basic terms, images used in articles on the BioShock Wiki should be the highest quality possible.

High quality images[]

What makes an image high quality?[]

High-quality images fill the following criteria.

  • The image is unpixellated.
  • The image is high resolution.
  • The image does not show any of the player character's HUD, unless the HUD is important to the subject of the article where the image is used.
  • The image is a not a photograph of a console/computer screen.
  • The image does not contain any wordmarks.


  • The file pages of low quality images should be tagged with {{LowQualityImage|<reason>|<game=game shortcut>}}. This places the image in the appropriate subcategory of Category:Low Quality Images and encourages other editors to replace it when a better version is available.
  • If an article already contains enough images to illustrate its content, any low-quality images within it should be removed.