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This page in a nutshell:
As with many wikis on FANDOM, this wiki has rules and guidelines which the contributors are expected to follow. This page lists all policies applying on this wiki.
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Policies and Guidelines
Content Policy
Image Policy
Protected pages
Simplified ruleset
Spoiler Policy
Trivia Policy

Here on the BioShock Wiki there are a few local policies which should be followed by the contributors. They ensure that the quality of this wiki is consistent between pages and just high in general. The policies are created and maintained by the community. Discussing a policy can be done either on the talk page of the policy or on the Forum. Some policies are protected to prevent abuse. Contact an administrator if the page requires editing.

Wikia-wide policies

There are some policies which apply across all FANDOM. These can be found on Community Central in Category:Policy.

List of local policies

This list updates automatically. Check Category:Policy or purge this page to ensure you are seeing the latest version.

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