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The BioShock Wiki aims to be the most complete source of BioShock related information available to fans, thus all verifiable and relevant information is welcome. However, it is courteous to let these fans know when something they are about to read may contain Spoilers about the plot of a game.

What are Spoilers?

On the BioShock Wiki, there are two similar but distinct types of spoilers and each is treated differently.

  1. Information about the plot of a game that has been officially released by the developers.
  2. Information about the plot that has not been officially released, but has been leaked by other sources.


  • In the case of the first type, this information may be placed in an article.
    • It should be placed under the {{Spoilers}} or {{SpoilersInfinite}} template.
      • In case of upcoming content, use {{Upcoming}}.
    • As a general guideline, spoiler information should not be placed at the top of an article. So, for instance, it would be inappropriate to have the quote at the top of a character page contain information relevant to the plot.
  • The second type of spoiler is widely discouraged due to the bad feelings it may cause among fans who accidentally come across it. In such cases, a simple spoiler tag is not considered enough.
    • The spoiler information should be placed underneath a spoilers tag, and inside of a collapsible table.
    • After the information has been officially released, or after the game has come out, it may be removed from the table and placed in the article in the same way as a regular spoiler.


Anyone consistently adding information to articles in violation of this policy will be given a friendly warning. If they persist they may be banned from editing for a short period of time.