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Rather than using trivia sections, the BioShock wiki has Behind the Scenes sections. These sections have higher standards than regular trivia sections. This page lists the guidelines for those standards.
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The BioShock game series is notable for the inspiration that its creators took from literature, philosophy and history. On the BioShock Wiki, it is appropriate to list these relevant inspirations under a "Behind the Scenes" section at the bottom of an article. However, not all similarities to real world things are suitable for the trivia section. Often what a person considers relevant trivia is very subjective. Below are the guidelines that the BioShock Wiki follows for what is, or is not, appropriate to place in the "Behind the Scenes" sections.

What is Trivia?

  • "Easter Eggs" found in the game.
  • Information about changes in game design while the developers were creating the game.
  • Inspiration that the developers took from the real world, other games, or literature.

What is not Trivia?

  • General information about the game world that could fit in other sections of the article. Such info does not need to be listed in the trivia section.
  • Possible inspirations that were never mentioned by the developers.
  • Coincidental similarities.
  • Personal speculation.


The definition of "coincidental similarity" is subjective, and therefore the inclusion of trivia in an article is sometimes controversial. As a result, possible "inspirations" are discouraged unless they can be cited to a specific mention by the developers.

  • Trivia should only be mentioned if it is verifiable. If it is verifiable, then it should include a citation link to the source where it is mentioned. (see Help:Cite)
  • If a sentence in the trivia section contains the words "possibly," "probably," or "might be" then that is a strong sign that it should be moved to the article's talk page until it can be confirmed.